FACT CHECK: Is Harry Styles Gay? Twitter reaction to Nick Kroll kiss at Venice Film Festival

Don’t Worry Darling made her debut at the Venice Film Festival 2022 on Monday, September 5, and caught everyone’s attention after kissing Nick Crawl, who starred Harry Styles. That brought back rumors that the vocalist was ‘gay’. Olivia Wilde’s mystery-thriller ride has been a hot topic in recent months. Filming for Don’t Worry Darling, which is scheduled to open in theaters worldwide on September 23, has finally finished filming. Don’t Worry Darling garnered a lot of praise and acclaim at the Venice screenings, but fans can’t stop Harry Styles’ second lip-to-lip with Nick Kroll.

The lead actors of Olivia Wilde and Don’t Worry Darling attended the Venice Film Festival for a screening of the film. Olivia Wilde and her film’s heroine, Florence Pugh, kept their distance amid reports of an arguing, but were insanely overjoyed at the reaction the film received. Either way, Harry Styles, who plays Jack in the film, and Nick Crawl, who looks the funniest since Don’t Worry Darling, received enthusiastic applause.

A video posted on Twitter by Variety co-editor Ramin Setoodeh showed Harry Styles passionately kissing Nick Kroll. The 16-second clip shows celebrities Florence and Gemma Chan tucked into their hips for a walk while the group cheers and cheers for the spinal cooler. The Love of My Life vocalist has been known to approach Nick and enthusiastically grab his face before kissing him. As the two entertainers embrace each other, the group hears shouts in shock.

Rumors of Harry Styles being ‘gay’ return after kissing singer Nick Kroll at the Venice Film Festival

Don’t Fear Darling made her debut at the Venice Film Pageant 2022 on Monday, September 5th and was presented with a kiss after starring actress Harry Types star Nick Kroll. It has now re-circulated rumors that the artist is ‘gay’. Twitter users have a lot to say about kissing videos becoming popular online. This video revived the 100th rumor on the Internet that ‘Harry Styles is gay’. Harry Styles will continue to do more chemistry kisses. Take a closer look at the way he snatches their faces. What is he? gay?! Written by one Twitter user.

But Harry Styles, staring Nick Kroll’s lips, didn’t stay next to Olivia Wilde. Harry, another said that your gay is showing. Another user put it this way: Why does Harry Styles want to be gay with Bad Bunny? However, the other couple had a more rational reaction to the kissing video. One kiss doesn’t make you gay. One Twitter user said that you shouldn’t maintain that mindset. He doesn’t until he says he will. All of you continue to travel for yourself, and other users configure it to make it so natural.

Mystery Thriller is the second film directed by Olivia Wilde. The 38-year-old director also directed the 2019 acclaimed Booksmart, starring Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever. The Venice Film Festival was screened by Olivia and the lead actors of the film. The director sat next to Chris Pine, who sat next to Harry and Gemma. The mystery-thriller film received a thunderous five-minute long applause at the end and completely captivated the cast and director Olivia Wilde.

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