Fact Check: Is J-Hope dating Kim Irene? Explore relationships

The Internet is looking for a new rumored lovebird between J-Hope and Kim Irene. Ever since J-Hope became a hot topic after his joining BTS and his recent Lollapalooza festival performance. Fans have been wondering if there is anyone special in his love life until now. Well, in fact, some fans are already convinced that Kim Irene and J-Hope are dating.

J-Hope and Kim Irene’s new lovebird finding If you want to learn more about the internet, read ahead.

J-Hope and his performance at the Lola Falluja Festival

We all know how musical festivals and tours have revived since this year’s pandemic. Among them was the Lola Falluja Festival. Where one of the performances was by a BTS member. Fans praised him where his performances were posted.

He is one of his patrons at the Lollapalooza festival and is gaining immense popularity. In fact, there were rumors that J-Hope was dating someone because of that supporter. But do you know who attended this year’s Lola Falluja Festival to support J-Hope? Now, here’s what we know.

Photo courtesy of Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

The Internet is speculating that J-Hope is dating Kim Irene.

While performing at this year’s Lola Falluja Festival. Irene Kim attended the festival to support him. With that, the internet now believes that there is something between J-Hope and Kim Irene.

In addition, the two were often seen together. In fact, Irene even shares her photos with J-Hope through her own social media. She shared some stories about attending her Lollapalooza festival. You can also see Irene promoting J-Hope’s music on her social media.

Are J-Hope and Irene Kim really dating?

Although I can see Irene Kim and J-Hope together. However, it has not been confirmed that the two are actually dating. Fans clearly believe there is something special between the two. I can’t be sure unless either or both are publicly accepted.

Meanwhile, the two support each other in their professional life. Therefore, it cannot be said that they have no ties at all. They seem like really good friends. Who will be on the road to becoming lovers? But only time can confirm it.

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