Fact Check: Is Lil Tecca Dead or Alive? Rumors are revealed

Fans mistakenly believed that rapper Lil Tecca was shot and killed on August 1st after reading a post claiming so. The rapper is still alive in 2022.

It happened before celebrities became victims of death scams. A lot of fake news is getting a lot of attention right now because so many people rely on social media for their news.

Lil Tecca experienced a similar situation when she became a new victim of an online death scam.

How did the rumors spread that Lil’ Tecca was shot first?

Confusion began among followers as rumors of the rapper’s death began to circulate in several social media posts.

Rapper Lil Teka was shot and killed,’ he was distributing an image of ‘Trend News’. Written on August 2, 2022.

The text read: “Rapper “Lil Tekka” was found dead in his home. He was shot three in the chest. Witnesses said the man was tall, wearing a black hoodie and black sketchers, in black miniature. Reported being seen driving a Tesla.

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The rapper is alive and doing well

For those who might be puzzled, “Trend News” is a fictional website used to manipulate news articles and make practical jokes. In fact, the article concludes: “This is a satirical website. Think lightly. This is a joke.

Sadly, if you omit this part when you spread the news online, people will immediately think it’s true. In fact, the rapper is doing well, concentrating on the next European tour starting in October.

Lil Tecca has also been the subject of previous death rumors.

Contrary to rumors floating around the internet, Lil Tecca is still alive and healthy.

Fake News reports that the Queens rapper, New York, was shot and killed at JFK Airport on Sunday (September 15), sparking reactions from worried and outraged followers on social media. However, after Tecca became aware of the situation, he confirmed his continued presence to everyone via his Twitter account.

“Niggers believe anything on the internet,” he said on Monday.

The original claim was posted on the fake news website Channel24News.com, where anyone can sign up and post fake news.

Source: HITC

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