FACT CHECK: Is Matthew Perry Dead? As fraud claims he died in an accident

Rumors circulated that American-Canadian actor Matthew Perry died in an accident. Well, this isn’t the first time I’ve read or learned that a celebrity has suddenly passed away. Such news is circulating on the Internet. Most turned out to be fake. But did Matthew Perry die in an accident?

Read ahead to learn more about rumors that Matthew Perry passed away in an accident.

Internet Rumors That Matthew Perry Died In Accident

A few months ago, we read a lot of fake news spreading on the internet. Some of them were news of the death of a celebrity. But they were all tricks for death, not real. As Tom Holland, Will Smith, and Snoop Dogg say, we’ve heard of the deaths of many celebrities on the Internet.

But again we learn something similar about the American actor Matthew Perry. News of his death in an accident is spreading rapidly through the Internet. I know his fans are worried about him. But is he really dead?

Did Matthew Perry really die in an accident?

Internet news often makes claims about the death of one or another celebrity. We assume that we must definitely find the source to know if it is fake or not. Well, for everyone who cares about Matthew Perry. The actor did not die in any accident. Because he is doing well.

Moreover, when he was 53, news of his death circulated on the Internet. But fortunately, he is healthy and turns one today. Meanwhile, the shocking news of his death has left his fans and loved ones terrified for a while.

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How to deal with the trick of death?

We have a lot of information on social media and the internet. Many of them are fake. But we don’t pay attention to their authenticity before passing it on to others. So we often spread fake news.

So whenever you find out that something is not real or misleading. Then report it to the appropriate authorities immediately. It will eventually be removed from that platform.

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