Fact Check: IVE Wonyoung and G-Dragon are dating? Rumors are revealed

Group Ive’s Wonyoung and G-Dragon are engulfed in dating rumors. It’s not new for celebrities to fall in love. Korean celebrities find it difficult to deal with in public. But are Wonyoung and G-Dragon’s dating rumors true? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

To learn more about IVE’s Wonyoung and G-Dragon’s dating rumors, read ahead.

IVE Wonyoung and G-Dragon dating rumors

This is because K-pop stars dating each other in public are very limited. Recently, rumors circulated that IVE Wonyoung and G-Dragon are dating. The Internet was buzzing with these claims. It shocked a lot of people.

In addition, the reason why the dating rumors were shocking is because of the age difference between the two. Wonyoung and G-Dragon are 18 and 34, respectively. Netizens are questioning whether the rumors about them are true. But are these dating rumors true?

Wonyoung and G-Dragon’s dating rumors have been dismissed.

The dating rumors between Wonyoung and G-Dragon started when the two were seen wearing similar clothes at Paris Fashion Week. G-Dragon also used IVE member’s stickers in his Instagram story. It spawned all the rumors as to what it looked like and other evidence.

However, Star News explained that the rumors were not true. It was because of the outfit Wonyoung wore at Paris Fashion Week. Among them, she is a brand ambassador. Stickers were also related to the brand G-Dragon used in his Instagram story. He used to thank the brand.

Fans react to Wonyoung and G-Dragon dating rumors

As soon as netizens tried to link the clues from Paris Fashion Week with the stickers of Wonyoung and G-Dragon. The two fans also showed the same reaction. Some of them really believed the duo were dating each other. Although many believed the rumors were not true.

Meanwhile, Star News explained all the rumors by itself. The two were not dating, but only rumors due to the brand they wore. Moreover, the stickers G-Dragon used were also a sign of gratitude to the brand.

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