Fact Check: Was Tiger Woods Dead or Alive in 2022? Alleged Fake Rumors Explained

Viral text spam has worried all Tiger Woods fans, claiming that the icon of golf no longer exists. The internet can sometimes be a hub for fake news. As in the past, there have been many scams about the death of celebrities on the Internet. Whether it’s Snoop Dogg or someone else, news of their death has shocked fans in the past. But is Tiger Woods really dead?

Read ahead to learn more about Twitter text spam allegations that Tiger Woods is dead.

Viral Twitter text spam says Tiger Woods is dead.

The Internet is an information hub where real news and fake news coexist. Most of the news floating around the internet isn’t fake or leaked. Therefore, the target of these fake news is often celebrities or known people.

Recently, sad news about Woods has been circulating on social media. Some Twitter posts claimed that famous golfer Tiger Woods had died in a head-on accident. Other tweets on Twitter had similar information. This shocked all Woods fans. But is he really dead?

Will Tiger Woods Really Die in 2022?

Previously, celebrities like Snoop Dogg and news of the death of Tom Holland swirled around the internet. It wasn’t true about them at all. But it was a simple death trick. But this time, the news is all about Tiger Woods. That means no more golfers.

But is it really? Well, Tiger Woods is not dead and is doing well. The news of his death was another death scam to get everyone’s attention on the internet. But when he got spam texts about him on Twitter, his fans were certainly shocked.

How to deal with death scams on the internet?

Death scams are common on the internet these days. It was mainly aimed at celebrities or known people. News is often difficult for both the word-of-mouth nature and fans and loved ones alike. Therefore, before you believe such a message, you must know its authenticity.

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Also, if you come across such fake news. Then, do not forward it and report any such fake news to the authorities.

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