Fact Check: Was Whoopi Goldberg Dead or Alive in 2022? Death Trick Explained

The internet is buzzing with rumors that Whoopi Goldberg is dead. There have been false claims about the deaths of several celebrities over the past few months. This not only shocked everyone, but made me think how much false information there is on the Internet. Meanwhile, I recently found out about Whoopi. But is she really dead?

If you want to know more about Whoopi Goldberg’s death rumors, read ahead.

News of Whoopi Goldberg’s death has been reported online.

It depends on the number of internet users. We can quickly go viral on any piece of information. Especially those that are fake or leaked. In addition, users on the Internet spread it further by passing it on to other users before trying to find the authenticity of the information.

That’s what’s happening on the internet these days. In recent days we have been buzzing with news of the death of several celebrities. It could be Tom Holland, Will Smith, Snoop Dogg, or more. Recently we also read about the death of Woopi Goldberg. It is becoming a hot topic on the Internet.

Was Whoopi Goldberg Really Dead?

It all started with an article focusing on Whoopi Goldberg’s death. However, the article made no mention of Whoopi or her health. Therefore, there was no news of death in the article.

Rather, the article talked more about Whoopi Goldberg’s bond with her granddaughter Amara Skye. Amara is the daughter of Whoopi’s only daughter, Alexandrea Martin-Dean. Amara and Whoopi share a strong bond with each other. Meanwhile, because the article had everything about them. It was nowhere to be found that Whoopi was dead. So it was another death scam targeting Whoopi.

How to deal with death scams on the Internet?

Undoubtedly, these fake news exist because of their users, and sometimes even arouse hatred and infidelity among everyone. However, we have a responsibility to double-check the information before disseminating it to others.

Also, if you become aware that there is false or misleading information. Then immediately report it to the authorities concerned. So it can be removed. This will eventually prevent further spread among Internet users.

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