Fans, BLACKPINK’s sluggish efforts at BORN PINK World Tour “concert mess”

BLACKPINK was criticized by K-pop fans for frequently making choreography mistakes and laziness during the Born PINK Tour around the world. After releasing their last full album THE ALBUM in 2020, Blackpink made a comeback with their second full album Born PINK and pre-released song Pink Venom in September 2022 after a two-year hiatus. Soon after, YG Entertainment reported that BLACKPINK will be leaving for the largest world tour in Asia, the Americas and Europe in the summer of 2023, starting in the fall of 2022, and additional dates will be revealed. Nevertheless, their concerts have been criticized by fans for a lack of effort and practice, as members neglect or mess up their dance moves, and don’t put enough energy into many events. ‘A Mess’ is an angry fan written through social media, delivering an honest opinion on BLACKPINK’s performance.

BLACKPINK held their first ‘Born Pink’ concert at KSPO DOME (chess stadium) in Seoul on October 16 and opened the first world tour in a long time. According to a report dated November 3, videos and videos that appear to be unable to remember the dance moves or choreography of the Blackpink members are being shared online, causing regret. Search terms related to BLACKPINK concerts on YouTube also include ‘female’ and ‘bad’. Domestic netizens said, “I think it’s a lack of practice,” and “It’s a natural thing because they’re a more established group, but they seem to be immersed in their individual activities.” I was also thinking about going to a concert.

BLACKPINK is being criticized by K-Pop fans for their lazy efforts on the Pink World Tour where they were born

As K-pop fans criticize the group’s boring efforts and practice, BLACKPINK concert mess turns into a keyword. Assuming you search for ‘BLACKPINK concert’ via social media, the most likely result would be a BLACKPINK concert mess. It’s a mess of a BLACKPINK concert showing clips of the members failing to remember their dance steps, making silly mistakes, and expending minimal energy on stage. . K-pop fans who have been to overseas performances complain that their stage skills are below average and that they look like amateurs rather than professionals. Fans are of the opinion that the members have not honed their dance steps sufficiently and are basically not interesting enough to put more energy into improvisation. First, did they practice??? This clip is out of sync. When lifted, the arms are not at the same height. Lack of stage presence. I think it’s horrendous to see people paying so much to see their show, which one user wrote on Twitter.

Some fans are of the opinion that Pink Venom’s vocals take the choreography lightly, considering that the members’ contracts expire for one year. Grapevine also suggested that the individual did not have the will to renew the contract with YG Entertainment and was willing to break up. This is obviously just a fan’s theory and cannot be confirmed. I think this may reflect their relationship as a group. When groups are close, you can see other groups improving. The other thing is that there is no leader who can motivate them and speak at the same time. They lost the fire and were simply doing what they had to do, another user wrote. Some Blinks defended their members, arguing that chaotic timetables could prevent them from practicing perfectly and making stupid mistakes. Blinks added that although groups and artists make mistakes, the mistakes of the Pink Venom artist are amplified many times, but they don’t blame them. Fans believe that part of the girl group hatred stems from the fact that they are the world’s largest girl group.

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