Fans blamed Kanye West for selling the new Yeezy Gap collection out of garbage bags.

Kanye West Fans Have Anything Other Than Panties The rapper-turned-fashion designer has recently been criticized online for selling his clothing collection out of garbage bags. Earlier this week, a Twitter user who claims to have addressed a Gap representative shared a photo of a huge black bag full of clothes that looked like a garbage bag.

The SNS user said, ‘This is the easy-gap sales method. The salesperson was upset to see Ye hanging on his hanger and said this was the way he needed it. They do not help find ur size. Simply dig through everything. The photo quickly went viral online, and thousands of social media users shared their reactions.

The tweet came after Kanye West, 45, shared a motive via her social media handle. In an Instagram post, Kanye West said to look at children and the homeless as the biggest motivators of all design. Twitter users under no circumstances enjoyed mocking the star and his new collection online.

Credit: Getty Images for Kenzo

Twitter User Troll Kanye West New Collection

The photo sparked a backlash, with some critics criticizing Kanye West’s ‘fetish’, which uses the homeless as a fashion muse. Opponents argued that all that was wrong with the giants was. They no longer see individual plight, they don’t see persevering people, they fret and see opportunities to benefit… disgusting. One individual said this should be a social experiment, another user joked. Another furious fan claimed to have seen a similar kind of Yeezy Gap display at a store in Houston, explaining that if I were still on the visual team, I would have quit my job.

One fan remembers, Kanye West literally described working at the Gap. He knows how he treats his representatives. Working at Yeezy Gap would be hell. Another person calls Twitter. Others thought Kanye West had the whole song about the amount of disdain for working at the Gap. How could he make the lives of Gap representatives more difficult? They added that the whole store would appear to have thrown out laundry baskets. They will have one cashier and everyone else doing the recovery. Kanye West doesn’t seem to care basically about backlash right now.

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