Fans criticize Sheree and Marlo for attacking Kandi in RHOA Episode 8.

RHOA season 14 is back with a new episode on Sunday night. It was really dramatic. This week, Marlo and Sheree took her Kandi to her sauna and attacked her immediately. This episode is titled Healthy Glows and Low Blows. Kandi collapsed after an argument.

The eighth episode of RHOA continued to the point where the previous episode left off, and Marlo and Sheree planned to work out the differences by visiting the sauna and inviting Kandi. Two RHOA members ran into Kandi, claiming that she wasn’t good friends with them, and this turned things in an unexpected direction.

Sheree started by expressing the opinion to Kandi that they had a good friendship. She went to the RHOA star’s house and talked about a family outing. Sheree also said, “I seem to know that I’m going through something. I look forward to having my friends reach out to me, especially if it’s something you can relate to. I’m talking about Tyronne.”

Kandi confessed that she was waiting for Sheree to reveal Tyronne’s whereabouts. But Sheree thought her RHOA star should keep an eye on her. Marlo stepped in and, in her opinion, she seems to want Sheree to get more calls from Kandi, she said.

Kandi immediately questioned why the pair maintained such high standards when they didn’t treat her equally. Kandi confessed in the session:

“This claim is bull**t. Why do they feel they owe me so much? I don’t understand.”

Marlo said she’s pretty busy. She revealed her own problems and all she had to do was get someone to contact her, she said.

Marlo said Kandi needed to improve after revealing that his family felt they didn’t have time for them. Kandi admitted that she felt frustrated when she couldn’t stand her criticism any longer. She collapsed, saying she did everything she could to help her and was embarrassed why they keep throwing her stuff at her.

As Kandi began to cry, two women hurriedly comforted her. Sheree revealed in her confession that she did, even though she didn’t expect Kandi to get her mad at her. Kandi admitted that her actions had exhausted her.

Sheree and Marlo were criticized by fans for insulting Kandi in RHOA Season 14 Episode 8.

Fans expressed their frustration at Marlo and Sheree’s actions on Twitter. Others felt that Kandi had no obligation to them.

One user who found Sheree & Marlo making AF uncomfortable and @Kandi in tears, leave me alone. Kandi is no longer her good friend because the two only talked to her about her trash. #loa

Another user reported that Marlo and Shiri kept chasing Kandy like an abandoned girl.

One told Sheree to stop talking. Leave Kandi alone. You weren’t going through that intensely when you got turned down on a date with a guy you still want to talk to.

One asked, “When was the last time Malona Sherry asked about Kandi’s life?” Earnestly! Do you have any other interest in her besides making fun of her?

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