Fans criticize the Academy’s decision to invite Jimmy Kimmel back to host.

Jimmy Kimmel prepares to take center stage for the third Academy Awards ceremony. However, not everyone is happy with the presentation.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Jimmy Kimmel returns as Academy Awards host

On Monday, the Academy’s producers announced that Jimmy Kimmel would return to host the 95th Annual Academy Awards.

The 54-year-old late-night show host spoke about the announcement in a press release.

‘It’s a great honor or a trap to be invited to the Oscars for the third time,’ he said.

He added, “Anyway, thank you to the academy for asking so quickly when good people said no.”

Meanwhile, many fans are not impressed by the Academy’s decision to ask Kimmel to host the event. They believe there are certainly other talented celebrities who would have assumed the role of host.

Meanwhile, recent news reported that ABC Network has signed a contract with Kimmel that will likely continue business until 2026.

Netizens criticized the Oscars for hosting Jimmy Kimmel for the third time.

Many social media users have visited the network site and once again shared their thoughts about Jimmy Kimmel being nominated for an Oscar host.

One netizen said, ‘The rating is going to go down again. I love the Oscars and will definitely watch them, but his show wasn’t good. You let Gaga express her interest, and you have the Only Murders people. And will you go for this? Huh, even Ellen’s show was better.’

Another netizen commented, ‘Oh my, a 3-year-old curses Orange Man badly. His fans have stopped watching his shows, but definitely choose him. Show him a clip of his black face in the background while he downplays a black actress.’

Besides, someone else said, ‘There’s just too many people to start when they’re about to do something new, to host Ricky Gervais, Graham Norton, Kevin Hart (I know they’re fired, but still).’

Another user said, ‘It’s a very bad idea. The host must be the person directly involved in the making of the film in any way. It’s not a late-night comedy, it’s an Oscar!!”

Another user said, ‘We removed Kevin Hart as the host cause of jokes about his child, but allowed the black-faced joker.’


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