Fans defend Selena Gomez after users criticize Revival’s album cover as ‘shameful’

Selena Gomez’s remarks about one of her photo shoots sparked a fierce Twitter debate surrounding her body positive test.

The singer mentioned in an interview that she was ’embarrassed’ after doing the album cover.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Selena Gomez described the album cover as ‘shameful’.

Selena Gomez recently attended the Hollywood Reporter’s Comedy Actors Roundtable. She joined Amy Schumer, Bridget Everett, Molly Shannon, Quinta Brunson and Tracee Ellis Ross.

The video was uploaded to the Hollywood Reporter’s official YouTube page on the 11th.

During a conversation, Schumer asked the musician about being sexually objected to, after performing on a Disney show at a young age, when he suddenly rose to prominence.

Good for you hitmaker replied, ‘I was really embarrassed after doing the album cover’.

Selena Gomez
Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

‘I had to go through it because I realized that it was connected to something deeper,’ she said. And the one I chose was not necessarily a happy one.’

The artist said that although he is not an ‘excessively sexual person’, there are times when he thinks ‘I want to be sexy’.

The 29-year-old producer did not name the album, but fans suspect she was referring to cover art for her 2015 album Revival.

Check out Selena Gomez’s Revival cover

Selena Gomez’s black-and-white Revival album cover made headlines in 2015.

The artist shared the sensual image on all social media accounts.

Nude-toned Gomez is staring at the camera with her arms crossed and skillfully covering her breasts.

The actress at the time The Wizards of Waverly Place told MTV that the picture was ‘a beautiful representation of where I am’.

Moreover, it was emphasized that the cover inspiration for the revival came from Christina Aguilera’s 2002 album Stripped.

Fans react to Selena Gomez’s comments

Selena Gomez faced criticism when some users believed the singer meant ‘shameful’ for what she did.

However, many fans have come to save their idols on Twitter. They counterattacked users who misconfigured her comments.

One netizen commented, ‘Some people misread the revival cover art comments because of the lack of context. So take a look at the scene and see what Selena really means.’

Another netizen commented, ‘Some people think it’s strange that Selena feels uncomfortable with the cover of the revival. Sure, it’s a very nice cover, but is she ashamed of her that she doesn’t like it??? loser.’



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