Fans of Johnny Depp want lawyer Camille Vasquez to become president.

Johnny Depp’s fans love and support him as well as his star lawyer Camille Vasquez.

Vasquez rose to prominence on social media after defending the Pirates of the Caribbean actor in a high-profile defamation lawsuit with ex-wife Amber Heard. She was one of Depp’s chief attorneys during the six-week trial.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Fans have urged Depp’s lawyer Camille Vazquez to run for president in the United States.

After leading Johnny Depp to victory in a controversial defamation lawsuit, fans now want Camille Vazquez to become America’s first female president.

Depp’s fans have recently launched a website and are selling Vasquez-based merchandise.

You can find everything from hats to shirts. The words ‘Camille Vasquez for the President’ are printed on the product.

Camille Vazquez

T-shirts sell for a decent $8.50, while hats are slightly more expensive, starting at $30 each.

In addition, fans have included political prayer candles on the list. Like all other merchandise, it is also engraved with Vasquez’s name.

Vasquez’s name became a pseudonym after successfully defending Depp in a controversial case and defending the opposition.

Johnny Depp and Camille Vasquez collaborate on another case

Now famed lawyer Camille Vasquez will reunite with Johnny Depp next month and represent him in his latest court battle.

Depp was certainly impressed with Vasquez’s skills as Vasquez had hired her again to defend himself in another lawsuit.

Vasquez will be part of Depp’s legal team when she appears in Superior Court in Los Angeles next month.

Depp is now facing charges of assault on set involving Gregg “Rocky” Brooks, the location manager for the star’s 2018 film City of Lies.

Camille VazquezCamille Vazquez

According to Brooks’ legal documents, he accused the 59-year-old Brooks of wearing socks twice over his ribs. He claimed that even Depp shouted, ‘If you hit me right now, I’ll give you $100,000!’

Depp can take a stand in Los Angeles courts, which will begin on July 25.

Vasquez was promoted from associate to partner at the Law Offices of Brown Rudnick during the viral cross-examination of Heard.

One of the highlights was when Vasquez asked Heard if she had donated the amount of her divorce settlement to charity, as actress Aquaman said in a previous interview.



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