Fans scold Marlo for yelling at Kenya during Drew’s event in RHOA Episode 8.

RHOA season 14 is back with a new episode on Sunday night. It was really dramatic. Marlo was involved in much of the controversy in RHOA season 14, episode 8. Marlo has been at the center of all the chaos this week, from accusing Kandi of not being a good friend to an almost physical fight with Kenya.

What caused the fight between Marlo and Kenya?

An argument between Marlo and Kenya annoyed the audience. Viewers who watched the show complained that Marlo’s attitude toward Kenya was inappropriate and pitiful. The controversy arose at Drew Sidora’s Drop it With Drew event and was titled Healthy Glows and Low Blows. The RHOA cast debated Kandi admitting that her Marlo made her feel like everyone else was against her. Kenya admitted her conversation with Kandi and informed Marlo that she was there, claiming that her information was authentic.

Marlo revealed that Kenya was cheating on her.

Sheree was involved in an argument with Kandi and exposed it to Kenya. Kenya goes on to say that all she knows is that her words have worn out Kandi. Kenya has been the target of harsh remarks by the RHOA star. The RHOA star informed Kenya that Kandi knew everything about her actions. She revealed that her Kenyan cheated on her during her confession. She said her Kenyan pretended to love her before she stabbed her. She went on to say that her Kenyan had hurt her and made her cry her.

Drew tried to stop the fight, but was unsuccessful. Her situation began to deteriorate when she referred to her Kenyan husband by name. Kenya has been questioned by RHOA celebrities about her romance with Mark. Since then, she has insulted Kenya for her looks and physique. She advised Kenya that they should learn to retain men.



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