Fans support Shawn Mendes for canceling tour dates due to mental health issues.

Shawn Mendes, who caused a sensation in the Canadian music scene, has postponed the remaining Wonder global tour schedule for three weeks on July 8 to focus on his mental health. On July 27, Mendes announced his cancellation on his social media account.

What was the ‘Wonder’ world tour about?

The Wonderworld tour was organized by Shawn Mendes to promote his latest album, released at the end of 2020. Due to an ongoing epidemic at the time, the 23-year-old had to cancel the tour. Shawn Mendes planned to start the tour in St. Paul, Minnesota on July 9, 2022, and continue until August of that year, but the plans fell through.

Why did Shawn Mendes have to cancel the tour?

Numerous supporters supported Mendes’ decision to cancel the tour entirely after a brief explanation of why he had to cancel it. Many of his supporters supported the cancellation and advised “always take the time” necessary to recover. However, some local (US) and overseas fans expressed dissatisfaction with hotel reservation cancellations, transportation costs, and other costs. Shawn Mendes recently admitted on social media that he wasn’t ready to take on the burden of returning to tour.

“I wanted to resume live performances that were suspended for a long time due to the pandemic,” he said. when I started this trip. But the truth is, I was not at all prepared for how difficult the trip would be after this absence. It became clearer that I had to have time that I had never personally had. After talking more with the team, they ground me and come back stronger. And we work with an amazing group of health professionals.”

Most people supported Shawn Mendes’ decision.

Most people agreed with Shawn Mendes’ choice, but some were concerned about his decision to return the ticket amount. It is likely that many of the fans who flew to see his performances will not be adequately compensated for their lodging and travel expenses.


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