Fans were disgusted by the photos of Harry Hamlin with his daughter Delilah Hamlin.

Harry Hamlin and her daughter Delilah Belle are getting a lot of attention from fans and netizens after taking an intimate photo.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Harry Hamlin clicks ‘unpleasant’ photo with daughter

Harry Hamlin ran into trouble after photos of her standing too close with her eldest daughter Delilah Belle went viral on social media. Not for a good reason.

It is also known that the photo in question was taken during New York Fashion Week last month.

In the photo, Mad Man is standing close to the model’s daughter (24) holding her arms around her waist.

Moreover, another photo shows the 70-year-old star pulling Bell closer and pressing her face in an intimate gesture.

NYFW: Getty Images for The Show

Fans react to Harry Hamlin’s ‘creepy’ photo

Several fans shared their views on social media about a controversial photo of Harry Hamlin with his daughter.

One netizen wrote, “I don’t pose like this with my dad.”

The second is ‘Wow! It’s really annoying.’

The third fan said, ‘My dad absolutely can’t.’

Others used words such as ‘wow’, ‘OMG’, ‘somehow’, ‘no’, ‘creepy’, ‘provocative’, ‘uncomfortable’, and ‘bizarre’.

Another netizen commented, ‘The whole family looks a little sick and twisted!’

Another user pointed out that ‘it looks a little too friendly’.

Another claimed, ‘I knew there was something creepy about him.’

Meanwhile, some fans suspect the photo is a bizarre promotional stunt.

One fan said, ‘Can you agree that this photo was taken for no reason other than pretending to be provocative and only starting a controversy/discussion/relationship? Ahh!’

Someone wrote ‘EW, David!’, referring to the famous dialogue from the comedy series Schitt’s Creek.

Some fans also compared it to the incest conspiracy in HBO’s Game of Thrones spinoff House of the Dragon.

One user responded, ‘Is it a scene from a dragon’s house?’

Aside from that, two fans believed the image had been altered as they found it quite offensive.

One fan asked, “Is this a true story?!?!”

Another person said that it was ‘perverted’.

Another said, ‘Are you sure this isn’t photoshopped… His face touches hers and it looks weird… It’s like two photos put together!’

Another fan said, ‘I googled other images too, but this isn’t the only one’.



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