Fans worry about Kate Moss, who swears at the Magazine Innovator Awards

Kate Moss aroused concern among fans when she was seen swearing and stuttering while speaking at the WSJ Innovator Awards.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Kate Moss’s Innovator Awards speech went viral during the speech.

Kate Moss arrived at the annual Wall Street Journal Magazine Innovator Award Wednesday night. The event was held at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

But when the 48-year-old model took to the podium, she seemed sarcastic. So she went viral on social media for all the wrong reasons.

Moss was also present to present YSL’s Anthony Vaccarello with the Fashion Innovator Award.

Nevertheless, her voice sounded very irritable and short of breath. Also, she grabbed the podium and paused randomly during her speech. She kept her voice low as she barely muttered her words.

Moss said ‘Hello, ladies and gentlemen. Anthony and I – worked together for several years.’

Moreover, between the speeches, she said, ‘I knew my instinct for fashion from the beginning of Saint Laurent. And — I wanted to be a part of it. It is an honor to be part of his Saint Laurent family and to be his friend.’

Moreover, the mother of a child forgets the name of the most prestigious award that evening.

‘Ladies and gentlemen, it is an honor to present the Innovator of the H-Award to Anthony Vaccarello’, she said.

Fans react to Kate Moss’ bizarre behavior

Many fans of Kate Moss shared on social media their concerns about the catwalk queen’s strange behavior during the event.

One user said, ‘This is not a cigarette. She’s obviously on drugs.’

A second user said, ‘I think so, but I don’t want to make any guesses or accusations’.

The third user said, ‘I can feel my heart beating from here’.

Another said, ‘On the street, Diet Coke isn’t the only Coke she works as an ambassador…’

Another user also mentioned the Harry Potter series, where they commented ‘why does she speak and act like Bellatrix talking to the Dark Lord’.

Meanwhile, in 2005, Moss titled ‘Cocaine Kate’ after the front pages of British tabloids were full of pictures of people inhaling cocaine. She also earned the nickname ‘Tank’ due to her ability to drink her vodka.


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