Faze Temperrr Net Worth (Update 2022)

Faze Temperrr is a Brazilian-American YouTuber and Twitch streamer who has a net worth of $4 million. Temperrr is the Founder and CEO of “FaZe Clan”, a Los Angeles-based gaming and entertainment organization.

Faze Temperrr started her career posting skating videos to YouTube in 2009 and later started posting videos of her games. He formed the FaZe Clan eSports organization in 2010 focused on competitive gaming and entertainment. It was initially aimed primarily at Call of Duty fans, but has now spread to multiple departments.

He is known for his Twitch streams of video games like Cyberpunk 2077, Call of Duty: Vanguard, Battlefield 2042, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy, Dota 2, Outriders and more. In addition to video games, he posts lifestyle videos, stream highlights, and lip sync videos on Instagram and TikTok. He and his clan members were also featured in Sports Illustrated, a popular American magazine.

Faze Temperrr Net Worth

name phase temper
net worth 4 million dollars
age 28 years old
birthday August 25, 1993
annual income $500,000
job youtuber
last update 2022

Faze Temperrr Net Worth over the last 5 years

  • 2022 net worth 4 million dollars
  • 2021 net worth $3.8 million
  • 2020 net worth 3 million dollars
  • net worth in 2019 2 million dollars
  • 2018 net worth one million dollars

early life

Thomas Oliveira was born on August 25, 1993 in Brazil. He and his mother immigrated to the United States when he was seven and settled in New York City. He spent most of his childhood in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

He played soccer in high school and developed a passion for video games with friends while in Brazil. He continued playing video games while studying. He graduated from Haverhill High School and was a member of the volleyball team.

game career

Faze Temperrr started her career by posting skate videos on Youtube under the channel name iiTeMperR, but then shifted her focus to video games. He then formed the FaZe Clan (formerly FaZe Sniping) to gather a group of YouTube collaborators great at video games and form a video game-focused organization. Among the founding members are YouTube users Austin Pamajewon and Yousef Abdelfattah (better known as FaZe Apex).

The organization started as an entertainment organization centered on the video game “Call of Duty” but quickly expanded its reach and contracted potential pro gamers who wanted to compete in eSports events. Since then, the organization has grown into one of the most popular esports organizations focused on first-person shooters (FPS).


Temperrr and his team have worked with numerous brands including Nissan Scuf Gaming, Gamma Gamers, GFuel Energy and Manchester City Football Club. He and his colleagues also set up a studio and released his first film, Crimson.

He also received numerous sponsors for his YouTube channel, including FaZe Temperrr and other related brands, including headphone maker Turtle Beach, who have expressed interest in collaborating with his group.

Faze Temperrr Income and Salary

business income

FaZe Temperrr also builds a fashion line and sells merchandise featuring the FaZ brand, including t-shirts, hoodies, coats and other apparel. He also collaborated and promoted fashion, sportswear, energy drinks and other products through his social media accounts.

He also expanded the company’s investments into the Asian market, where he purchased Thailand’s PUBG Mobile and FIFA Online roster. FaZ Clan owns the CTRL Food Supplement Company. They also teamed up with Ronald McDonald House Charity in Los Angeles to build a gaming lounge.

personal life

Faze Temperrr has had romantic relationships with many women. He dated YouTube personals Sassy Lin and Megan better known as OpTicJewel in 2013. In 2016, he was in a relationship with Instagram model Morgan Kennedy. He is said to be dating Tasha. He bought a BMW i3 in 2012 at the age of 19.

Faze Temperrr Net Worth

As of 2022, Faze Temperrr’s net worth is estimated at around $4 million. He is one of the wealthiest clan members with 2 million YouTube subscribers and 1.8 million Instagram followers. He started his career on YouTube in 2010 and has since gained a lot of popularity. Today, the most popular gaming channel on YouTube, Clan FazE, has the highest number of subscribers.

FaZe Clan is one of the most popular esports organizations for aspiring pro gamers and influencers, with over 80 gamers and content creators.

He is one of the very famous names in the gaming community on numerous social media sites. He has amassed his fortune through a variety of sources, including the YouTube channel FaZ Clan, which consistently earns millions of dollars and sells several endorsement deals and his own merchandise. He also travels and spends a lot of his free time in the gym.

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