FCC Regulatory Letter to Apple and Google Explaining, Is Tiktok Banned on July 8?

Posting of letter from FCC regulator Tiktok made headlines for July 8th Tiktok ban. We all know how popular Tiktok has become over the years. Billions of users have used this app. If so, it will definitely affect a lot of people if the app gets banned. But is TikTok banned until July 8?

Read ahead to learn more about Tiktok, which will be banned on July 8.

FCC Regulator Sends Letter To Remove Tiktok From App Store

According to reports available online, Federal Commission Communications (FCC) regulator Brendan Carr issued a letter to Google and Apple. The letter asked representatives of both companies to remove TikTok from the app store.

The reason for being removed from the App Store is because there is a national security threat. However, users face a dilemma as to whether or not the TikTok ban will be implemented.

Is TikTok banned from July 8th?

Before finding out why the app was banned on July 8th. You need to know why that date was banned. So it was in a letter from Carr to the heads of Apple and Google. This is in case TikTok doesn’t appear on Duo’s App Store. Then they must respond to Carr by July 8th.

So people are wondering if the app will be available after July 8th. I hope the app isn’t banned. In fact, one of the TikTok officials also confirmed this. Also, according to some reports, the FCC cannot ban the app.

Authorities’ reaction to app ban

According to some reports available on the internet, one of TikTok’s executives said there were no security issues with the app. The allegations of bans due to security risks were false. So the app is not banned at this time.

However, there are rumors that the app has been banned before. This time, the app ban did not receive confirmation from the relevant authorities. This obviously means that so far this is just a rumor.

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