FIFA and EA Sports End Decade of Video Game Partnership

However, these games don’t offer the kind of match simulation that fans of the EA Sports version have come to know. For that to happen, consumers will have to wait until 2024, when FIFA announces that it will launch a rival soccer simulation game.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino said: “I can guarantee that the only real game with the FIFA name will be the best game available to gamers and football fans. The “FIFA name” he suggests the organization will reclaim for its own game is “the only global original title”.

The most recent EA Sports-FIFA deal was signed 10 years ago, but the years in between have seen a lot more upheaval in FIFA, which nearly collapsed after a major corruption scandal in 2015, as well as huge technological changes. In those years, attempts were made to secure new revenue streams in the office, but were often unsuccessful.

When even a direct conversation between Infantino and Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson failed to break through, the two sides agreed to an amicable breakup, Wilson said.

“How can we do more for our players and fans, how we can offer more ways to play, how we can engage more partners in our games, and how we can expand beyond the limits of traditional games. In a phone interview, Wilson said in a phone interview that he had a personal relationship as a game engineer, going back 20 years.

In addition to doubling the licensing fee, FIFA also demanded the ability to put its brand on other digital products, including other video games, according to sources familiar with the talks. That has proven to be too far a step for EA Sports, which now has to convince a lot of avid fans to get used to the different name.

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