FIFA competes with EA Sports with its own soccer game

According to the FIFA president, football fans rejoice and the FIFA game never ends. In fact, it is said that the game will be made by FIFA, not EA Sports.

Just because the partnership between EA and FIFA ends after 30 years is not the end of the game developer’s game. This is because they started making EA Sports FC after FIFA 23, the FIFA edition of this year, came out.

However, the new name game isn’t the only soccer video game on the market, and FIFA president Gianni Infantino has confirmed that he will be making his own soccer game.

“I can guarantee that the only real game with the FIFA name will be the best game available to gamers and football fans,” Infantino said. statement.

“The FIFA name is the only global original title. FIFA 23, FIFA 24, FIFA 25 and FIFA 26 etc – the constant is the FIFA name and will remain forever and will remain the best.”

Sports management agencies say they are already talking to studios and publishers about new projects in the post-EA world.

FIFA’s statement also states that a ‘non-exclusive license’ will allow for more choices in video games until this winter’s World Cup. This suggests that soon after FIFA 23’s release, the first non-EA games could come later this year.

A note was also added for the women’s World Cup matches in Australia and New Zealand next summer.

“The interactive gaming and esports sectors are on a path of unparalleled growth and diversification,” Infantino said in a statement.

“FIFA’s strategy is to ensure that we make the most of all our future options and ensure a wide range of products and opportunities for gamers, fans, member associations and partners.”

Infantino has promised several games ahead. Image: PA Image

Manchester United’s playmaker certainly hasn’t been the worst player on a struggling team, and while there are plenty of nominees for that honor, the Portuguese star has barely covered his glory this season.

Perhaps FIFA’s own version of the game will include better decision making. And this is FIFA again…


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