Flavor Flav gets a perk from Spirit Airlines after missing a flight.

Spirit Airlines reportedly offered huge perks after Flavor Flav kicked out an agent for missing a flight.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Spirit Airlines offers Flavor Flav benefits.

It looks like Flavor Flav should give Spirit Airlines another shot. This comes after his rant about missing his flight from Las Vegas.

A source close to Flav claimed the airline had conducted a full investigation into the rap icon’s current viral affair.

Furthermore, according to officials, Spirit is known to be giving the 63-year-old singer a full refund.

Beyond that, Spirit appears to take full responsibility for the incident by offering a few more perks.

The airline is upgrading Flav’s flyer status to ‘Gold’. If you didn’t know, this rank is the highest rank granted by Spirit. Thus, geek showmen no longer have to pay airline surcharges such as luggage and seat selection.

Flavor Flav exchanges heated words with a Spirit Airlines agent.

According to reports, Flavor Flavor lashed out at a Spirit Airlines employee while en route from Las Vegas’ Harry Reed International Airport to Detroit.

The report also said that Flav was busy working on his laptop but wasted time and realized that the door to his plane was closing.

However, the airline did not reopen the gates despite Fight The Power MC’s failed boarding attempt.

He also shared his thoughts on his experiences with budget airlines on his Twitter handle.

He said ‘@SpiritAirlines you sold too many planes and denied boarding!!! No rewards or anything. I think it’s completely wrong!!! #SpiritAirlines.’

Aside from that, Flav also claimed that he deliberately boarded the flight late so that his celebrity status would not delay the boarding process.

The Public Enemy rapper noted that the airline opened the gate for another late-arriving passenger, but denied him and two other passengers entry.

Meanwhile, Flav recently apologized for his actions on social media.

‘I’d like to think of the airline as representing all the people who would be upset when it went wrong,’ he wrote.

Further, the hip-hop icon said, ‘As I told TMZ. I apologize to anyone who witnessed behavior that was out of character for me. But I don’t apologize for Spirit or the gatekeepers’ shady tactics when they oversell flights.’


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