Fletcher out ‘months’ after surgery

ANAHEIM — Angels middle infielder David Fletcher underwent surgery to repair both his left and right adductors and will be out for several months, but is not expected to miss this season, chief athletic trainer Mike Frostad said Tuesday.

Fletcher was placed on the 15th disabled list on Sunday with strain on his left hip and flew to Philadelphia on Monday for evaluation. Fletcher has been afflicted with an injury since the second half of spring training and was limited second in IL with an injury as he missed 17 days after being deployed to IL on April 12. After the examination, Fletcher must repair both the adductors and rectus abdominis (informally called the abs).

“Actually, this is a core muscle injury, and it all involves the hip area,” Frostad said. “He’s recovering well. We hope he comes back in a few months. The surgeon is very optimistic. He’s done these procedures hundreds of times and I’ve seen people come back with no problems.”

Frostad explained that while injuries are more common with hockey players, they can also be problematic for baseball players. Fletcher tried to overcome his injury with the help of a cortisone shot, but it still affected him defensively and required a surgical procedure when he got to base.

Fletcher, who signed a five-year extension worth $26 million before last season, is batting .158/.220/.263, two doubles and two RBIs in 14 games this year. He started the year as the club’s starting shortstop, starting six games and making five starts at second base.

With Fletcher out until roughly July, the Angels will rely on a combination of Andrew Velazquez, Tyler Wade, Jack Mayfield and Luis Rengifo. Velazquez has emerged as a starting shortstop due to his brilliant defense, and Wade, Mayfield and Rengifo will be mixed at second base.


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