Florence Pugh and Jack Braff were spotted vacationing on the beach with Will Poulter.

Beach Friends! During their recent European vacation, Florence Pugh and Will Poulter had a great time in the sun. Fans are wondering if Florence Pugh and Will Poulter are still together after they celebrated Harris Reed’s birthday in Ibiza, Spain.

After a recent European vacation, Florence Pugh and Will Poulter are now expected to become beach friends. Pew and Will Poulter became friends while working together on the 2019 horror film Midsommar. But this petty brawl calls into question her relationship with Zach Braff. She has been dating Buff since 2019 and also met Will Poulter.

The undeniable chemistry between Florence Pugh and Will Poulter

British actors were seen chuckling at sea, playing and talking with their colleagues. In another photo, the Black Widow star, 26, was seen stroking the Maze Runner: The Death Cure actor’s back and talking near the group’s daybed. He even took pictures while sipping cocktails on the beach. The actress wore a blue bikini with a gold necklace, earrings and ring. On the other hand, Will Poulter was spotted wearing a black trunk. It’s clear the two of them, especially Pugh, were having a good time, and some spectators might notice an undeniable chemistry. As you can see from the photo on Monday, May 23rd, giggles, hugs, and sips seem like a good opportunity for them. As a result, she can’t help but wonder about her relationship with Zach Braff.

Are Florence Pugh and Jack Braff Breaking Up?

It is premature to conclude that they are no longer dating. This was the first time she saw the ‘A Good Person’ actor in an Instagram post last month saying, “Happy Birthday Bachary! The two first saw each other holding hands despite keeping their romance secretly in New York in April 2019.” The official confirmation did not arrive until December 2019.

47-year-old Zach Braff decided to show off her love affair with 26-year-old Pugh in January. He congratulated his girlfriend on his birthday, saying in his Instagram story, “It’s such a blessing to have known you and I’m so lucky that the world can see your incredible skills.” He went on to describe her as her “lovely human”. Although the love between the two of them seems obvious, it is surprising that they broke up so quickly!

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