Floyd Mayweather and Deji’s height and weight comparison confirmed the fight.

Floyd Mayweather and Deji are now set to fight in Dubai soon as fans begin to compare the duo’s height. Well, for quite some time, boxing matches have been a fun spectacle for boxing enthusiasts. In the meantime, I hope there will be many fights that have been loved by the viewers. But now the excitement is all about the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Deji. So, when is that happening?

Read ahead to learn more about the Floyd Mayweather vs. Deji fight.

Floyd Mayweather vs Desiree in Dubai

Although boxing icon Floyd Mayweather retired from boxing. But he still kept fighting with one player or another. Just like before retiring in 2017. His last match was with Conor McGregor. In that match, Floyd beat McGregor.

He remains unbeaten with a score of 50-0. After Mayweather’s retirement, he fought Logan Paul and Tenshin Nasukawa. While he’s doing some wartime fights now. This is particularly the case in Dubai this year. This is where he will fight another Youtuber Deji in an exhibition fight in Dubai.

Floyd Mayweather vs. Desiree at the Dubai Exhibition

After retiring, Floyd Mayweather can now be seen in most wartime matches. So, the latest fight coming from him will be the Floyd Mayweather vs Deji fight. Mayweather is invincible. Deji, on the other hand, has one win in a big level fight.

The Dubai exhibition features the Battle of the Global Titans series, where Deji and Mayweather face off. In this case, the match will be played in 4-6 rounds. There is also no scoring and no referee for the event. So fans of Floyd Mayweather and Deji are excited about the event.

Floyd Mayweather vs Desi height and weight

As the fight between Floyd Maywea and Deji draws closer. We all compared the height and weight of our duo competitors. So we know that Floyd is 5 feet 8 tall. Deji is 5 feet 7 tall.

Floyd Mayweather, on the other hand, weighs 68 kg. Deji, on the other hand, weighs 67 kg.

When will the Global Titans Fight Series take place?

Well, Floyd Mayweather and Deji are ready to face each other in the Global Titans Fight Series in Dubai. We have two fans who want to know when the fight is supposed to happen. Hopefully, we’ve already got a fight date for everyone.

Therefore, the Global Titans Fight Series will be held on November 13th this year. Although the Mayweather team is planning the event. We see that he has another opponent on September 24th: Mikuru Asakura from Japan.

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