Food delivery drivers in Shanghai have become homeless as the city’s strict lockdowns have prevented them from entering their homes.

  • Food delivery drivers are homeless due to Shanghai’s strict COVID-19 lockdown.
  • Drivers are locked out of their homes and have to decide between where they live and their income.
  • Many are sleeping on the streets and under bridges.

Food delivery drivers in Shanghai are forced to become homeless, as strict lockdowns in Chinese cities prevent them from entering their homes after they leave.

Shanghai has strict rules in place for seven weeks, preventing residents from leaving their homes until the end of the month.

authorities ease The rule will target half of city dwellers at the end of April, but is limited by millions of people being locked in their homes. confrontation Shortage of government food and medicine supply.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the impact on food delivery drivers meant many people had to sleep on the streets as they had to choose between staying home and having no income or being unable to work and return home.

Many drivers are sleeping on the streets in blankets or tents, The Journal reported.

Shanghai based outlets Six tone reported Many drivers are locked out of their homes and live in “harsh conditions” and instead sleep on the street, under bridges, or in cars.

One driver told the journal that he was not allowed to go out of his apartment for three weeks from the beginning of April, and when he started working again, he needed an income and started living under a bridge.

Another delivery driver told the Journal that he lived under a bridge with more than 30 other people, most of them delivery drivers.

One rider, who asked to identify only with his last name, said he arrived in Shanghai on March 5 after delivering food from another city to earn more money in the financial center.

Driver homeless because of a house that prevents him from returning home told the BBC: “We deliver all day, and when midnight approaches, we find a place to sleep.”

Shanghai moves to stricter COVID-19 lockdown this week. New York Times Some parts of the city have reported that food deliveries have been disrupted.

The government has granted food delivery drivers exemptions from regulations that bar people from going out, but some residential buildings and complexes have been barred from returning home due to fears of spreading the virus.

The Shanghai government is now providing more support to delivery drivers, the journal reported.

China has pursued a zero-coronavirus strategy since the outbreak of the pandemic, often in an attempt to contain the spread by shutting down entire cities on several occasions.

A video of Shanghai citizens protesting the city’s action has been removed from Chinese social media. reported by the New York Times.

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