Forget baby apps. This is the app every new parent should have

A baby shower is a great way to help friends and family get the supplies they need for their newborn. You can’t hand out a pack of burps through the screen, but as a third mom, you can provide app recommendations to help make being a new parent a little less busy.

These are not baby apps. I’ve tried it and focusing on diapers and feeding felt more pressure than relief. The app I propose here is integrated with the rest of my life, relieves my mental burden, Person as well as parents.

time tracker

Many wisdom words about babies have to do with time. “Don’t blink”, “Cheer every moment”, “The days are long, but the years are short.” Some days I just ask, “Where did the time go?”

You don’t have to cherish every moment to prove that you love your baby. In fact, it’s almost impossible. But knowing where your time is going can help you understand how to balance all of your time. Knowing how much of your day you are spending on childcare, work, errands, and other activities can help you plan more effectively and free up time for yourself.

i am a fan toggle: Used for balance. babysitting and getting back to work– Also useful for pediatrician appointments.


If you’re not using a digital calendar, now is the right time. I use Gmail and Google Docs, so Google Calendar is a natural fit for my scheduling. If you have a partner, you’ll need to choose an app that allows calendar sharing so the two of you can update events in real time.

Here are some tips to improve your calendar game when your baby arrives. It doesn’t apply to everyone, but hopefully the following ideas will spark you:

  • Add a deadline for adding your baby to health insurance as soon as the baby is born, or even before that (some providers offer only 30 days after birth).

  • Check when you will receive your baby’s birth certificate and social security number (SSN) so you can check in if your baby hasn’t arrived yet.

  • Add deadlines to tasks like submitting childcare forms.

  • Add a 6-month reminder to open a savings account.

  • Color code it to make it easier to find what you need. One color is an appointment, the other is a deadline.

  • Think about your holidays in advance. Need a baby pumpkin costume? Thanksgiving Flight Tickets? Give yourself some leeway so you can plan ahead.

  • Don’t forget the long term. Dental visits should begin on your first birthday. Children need a new passport every 5 years. Those things—the future you will be grateful for.

Calendars are, of course, important for responsible work, but don’t underestimate how they can help remind you of happy milestones. Example: Create a recurring event to take monthly baby pictures.

Pick: best calendar app

to-do list

You will already lose some sleep with your baby at home. The last thing you need is to lose more sleep because your mind is fluctuating. With a to-do list, you can “send a birth reminder, get an oil change, call a drain cleaner, buy a paper towel, clean your refrigerator” and thousands of other clutter in your head.

The best to-do list is one to actually stick to. In addition to the following to-do list staples: Todoist or remember milkSome of my mom friends also enjoy these niche work apps: throw up For clutter control at home.

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Sometimes a simple notes app is a lifesaver for figuring out what you need to figure out later. Keep a list of questions for your pediatrician (tears, tummy time, teething). As your baby grows, it can be fun to write new words or cute things you want to remember in a baby book (the first time you ate a sweet potato with a clenched fist).

If you look at my own notes app, you can see that I keep a list.

  • Books to read (actually 4 lists sorted by genre)

  • An outline and snippet of a novel I’m writing

  • Affordable rewards for when you need pickup

  • dinner without cooking

  • frozen food

  • The Sunday Success System mommy swears by

  • Rules of the drinking game my husband and I invented for our favorite Food Network show

Some parents even take their writing skills to new heights. I’m in a writing group with other parents, and several moms have mentioned that they write articles with one hand using the notes app and swipe text while their baby is napping or feeding.

Pick: best note app

Speech Text Conversion

One of the great things about working from home is that you can spend a lot of time with your baby. But as much as I love cuddling my daughter, sometimes I need to do adult stuff too.

If you don’t have the next step coordination of feeding your baby with one hand and typing with the other, a good speech-to-text app can be a solution for combining adult projects and daycare. Whether you’re summarizing meeting agendas, adding items to your grocery list, or writing an email to a friend, you can grab a sleeping baby and get things done. (But it also takes time to cuddle.)

My group’s parents recommended Otter and Google Keep for speech-to-text, but in the easiest case, the phone also has a built-in option.

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Birth is often a daunting process, whether you spend hours under pressure or a cesarean section (I’ve done both). For me, fitness wasn’t about getting back in shape aesthetically. After giving birth, even going up and down the stairs was difficult. I wanted to rebuild strength and healthy function.

run keeper By far my favorite fitness app. I like the smiley face spectrum to gauge how far or fast you can go as well as how you feel about the workout. The guided “My First 5K” program provided a voice of support and encouragement when I needed it most.

And fitness apps aren’t just for those giving birth (and husbands also track their workouts as a way to keep them mentally and physically healthy). All parents need time to take care of themselves, whether they are going through physical recovery or not, and fitness apps can really help.

Not ready to move after giving birth? Try meditating instead.

Pick: best meditation app

Save files and photos

When my first child was born, I didn’t think about a shared folder for baby files and photos, I wanted one. A good example: We just finished our second baby album a few days before our third birthday.

Having a shared folder in Google Drive or an album in Google Photos would have made the preparation of baby books less burdensome. (Here’s how. Deciding between drive and port.) Cloud storage can also be a great digital home for important medical documents, scanned copies of birth certificates, and other documents you need to access quickly.

First, create a folder with your child’s name. Then create subfolders to quickly find what you need. Some examples:

  • Photos (0-3 months, 3-6, 6-9, 9-12, etc.)

  • To print for grandparents

  • important documents

  • Medical treatment

If you haven’t already, be sure to remind yourself to take a list of specialists recommended by your pediatrician, a crib warranty card, a car seat label with an expiration date, or other unprepared photos. I want to dig it up whenever I need to.

Pick: How to choose a cloud storage app

to make everything work

These are tools to help me take care of my baby, but everyone’s life can be different, so think through your schedule and see if you can find other tools that can make your job easier. And if you are a working parent, you can. Use automation to keep work and personal life in sync.

Having a baby turns your world upside down. So, in addition to the obvious necessities for a newborn, consider what you can do to care for someone new to your home: you as a new parent.

this article originally appeared in Zapier’s blog Reprinted with permission.

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