Forget the new MacBook Pro. Apple has something better.

Apple’s macbook air And macbook pro The laptop tore the form for benchmarking when it launched in 2020, but with little departure from traditional laptop designs. In fact, it’s almost identical to an Intel-based laptop that hasn’t changed since 2016.

New article from Apple It suggests that the MacBook team is working on some radical ideas for future macOS laptops.

Details come in a few updates to recent patents released this week. “Concealable input area of ​​electronic device“, And “deployable key mouse“.

The first covers the laptop body. The transition from the metal case familiar to many to the glass construction; Apple is already using a glass trackpad, so you’ll see little change to the eye. However, the glass used here may have microperforations and behind these perforations may be a series of small lights that can act as a “hidden display”.

The ability to detect touch in these display areas allows any part of the laptop surface to behave in a similar way to the Touch Bar. It looks solid, but the promise of a latitude surface where icons or buttons can suddenly appear is attractive.

The second is a little more futuristic and is more suitable for portable keyboards like the iPad Pro or the updated Magic Keyboard. This allows a single key or block of keys to be lifted or pushed off the keyboard and used as a pointing device. Lift one of the select keys to imagine whether it’s actually a tiny mouse, or a rather blunt Apple Pencil… Given the importance of space on all modern mobile devices, you can see the benefits of being physically active in two different physical roles. .

As with any other patent, the fact that it has been published does not guarantee that the features discussed will be disclosed to the public. What you can see is the direction Apple is taking in terms of design thinking, especially since it’s a series of patents that show continued work on an idea.

But in reality, take a look at the current MacBook Air and the entry-level MacBook Pro and realize that these designs are six years old. With the launch of the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models in 2021, Apple took laptop design to the next level, introducing a larger screen (thanks to smaller bezels) and a more angled design.

The launch of new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models later this year is expected to bring changes to the larger Pro laptops. Will there be more?

It’s ok to just wait and see.

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