Former attorney Michael Cohen said Trump was paranoid about having blood in his face.

According to Michael Cohen, his former personal attorney and “solver”, Donald Trump was paranoid about getting stains on his face during his presidency.

Cohen said daily beast President Trump said on the 10th that he was so concerned about flying pastries that he had repeatedly instructed his security agents to “ruthlessly beat” anyone who tried.

The fired lawyer who served as the Trump organization’s vice president was testifying as a last-ditch witness in a 2015 lawsuit by protesters alleging that Trump’s personal security information attacked them outside New York’s infamous Trump Tower skyscraper.

In an oath, Cohen explained how his former boss became obsessed with billionaire Bill Gates’ face-to-face attack with a pie.

“For some reason,” Cohen testified, “it really upset President Trump.” “We were instructed that if someone threw anything at him, we would all be fired unless that person was admitted to the hospital.”

When you reach to receive comments daily Beast, Cohen expanded his testimony to reveal that the former president’s obsession with puff pastry was not a one-off incident, but a “regular” discussion in the Oval Office.

“Going out to various public places, he always tells Keith [Schiller] “It’s always a pie,” Cohen added, not “if someone throws a stone or a bottle” in an interview with News Outlet. He always raised the pie issue.”

independent Mr Cohen was contacted to comment on the recent testimony and he confirmed: Daily Beast’s The report was “correct”.

The latest update of the lawsuit arrives weeks after separate statements from the same lawsuit, but the former president himself said he fears people shooting tomatoes even in the crowd.

During that April statement, lawyers pressured the former reality star over whether he instructed his security to “sweep” everything he could see preparing to send tomatoes on his instructions.

President Trump responded, “Oh, yes. It was very dangerous.” At the time, he and his associates noted that they felt “intimidated.”

When the lawyer pushed a little further on what specifically “threatted” the twice-impeached president, he replied to them, “They will throw fruit.”

“But we heard. And you are hit with fruits. It’s – no, it’s very violent,” he said in an April testimony.

The former president’s former lawyer became a key figure in this seven-year lawsuit as his testimony tells us exactly what Trump instructed his security chief Keith Schiller on the eve of the 2015 violent shutdown.

President Trump insisted he had never issued an order against his security team during years of litigation, daily beast Cohen reports that his May 9 testimony points to the opposite.

According to the media who saw the transcript of the testimony, Cohen was in the Trump Tower room on the day of the protest and called the then-presidential nominee, the Chief of Security, to instruct him on what to do. The gathering floor that grows under it.

“Did you see the protest going on?” In his statement, Cohen said Trump had questioned Schiller. “Remove them.”

The chief of security reportedly reappeared at Trump Tower about 30 minutes later, holding a cardboard in his hand that showed that he had torn the hands of protesters in a physical argument in the video of the day.

“I took the sign. I hit him in the side because he grabbed me,” said the security chief, according to Cohen’s testimony.

In response, Cohen told lawyers that he remembers telling the security chief that the former president was “good” when he heard about the fight with the protesters.

Trump’s account of the same incident in October was quite different.

When asked during the oath whether he instructed Schiller to use force or anything else on the matter during the oath, Trump said, “No, I didn’t.”

This same account of the incident was also confirmed by Mr Schiller himself when he was asked about it in 2016.

In addition to pies, the former president feared that pineapples, tomatoes and bananas would be roved by him, while the former president even panicked at the current US president for his unfounded allegations and fears that promoted windmills, through various reports and testimonies. It turned out. It causes cancer.

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