Former WWE legend Tammy Sitchi (Sunny) has been arrested in a drunk driving accident.

Tammy Sytch, also known as “Sunny” in the ring, was imprisoned last month in a tragic car crash that investigators believe she was caused by intoxication.

Tammy Sytch: Who is she?

Tamara Lynn Sytch, commonly known by her ring name Sunny, is a former professional wrestler, valet, ring announcer and adult entertainment descent from the United States. In the 1990s, Tammy Sytch was a big hit as Sunny at the World Wrestling Federation and is considered the first WWF diva. She was imprisoned in a tragic car crash last month and her investigators believe she happened to be intoxicated.

When was Tammy Sytch arrested?

The former WWE star was detained Friday night and transferred to Volusia County Jail, where she was charged with a variety of charges, the most serious of which was manslaughter while under the influence of alcohol. She has also been contacted about eight previous crimes, most of which involved drunk driving.

One of the charges on which she was arrested was driving with a suspended/revoked license resulting in serious bodily harm and/or death. Her bail total is over $220,000. Police will remember that it all happened in the horrific tragedy that Tammy Sytch is seeing caused at the end of March. But it’s not clear why she’s been arrested only after a month.

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How did the incident happen?

Anyway… the narrative is heartbreaking. According to the traffic accident records obtained, Tammy Sytch was speeding on the freeway and collided with the back of another vehicle while stopped at a traffic light. The driver was taken to the hospital, but was injured and died. The victim is Julian Lasseter, 75. If convicted on these additional charges, Tammy Sytch faces a substantial prison sentence. Prior to this, the former wrestler had been arrested at least six times for drinking and driving.



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