Frank Gore Wins Pro Boxing Debut With Highlight Reel Knockout

Gore (1-0, one knockout) made a solid 1-2 combination and lighted Orlorunsola with a second right cross.

The third leading rusher in NFL history, Gore recently announced that his football season will be officially over soon.

Soon after, it was announced that he would make his professional debut on Saturday, which is also his 38th birthday.

Gore is a 16-season NFL veteran who ran 16,000 yards behind Emmitt Smith and Walter, playing for five teams (San Francisco 49ers, Indianapolis Colts, Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins and New York Jets). Peyton in the League History Book. However, Gore hasn’t played for the Jets since the 2020 season.

This was Gore’s professional debut in the boxing ring, but it wasn’t his first boxing fight nor his most famous bout.

Previously, he participated in a demonstration boxing match against former NBA player Deron Williams. lost gore split decision.

Saturday night ended in a much better way for Gore.

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