Frankie Grande is robbed by teenagers.

Recent reports suggest that two teenagers attacked and robbed Frankie Grande as he was walking down the streets of New York City.

Here’s everything you need to know.

2 Teens Rob Frankie Grande

Frankie Grande experienced frightening conditions in New York. Two teenagers allegedly attacked and robbed him on the city streets.

A source connected to the New York Police Department said Grande was shot in the back of the head while walking down the street last week.

In addition, Grande claimed that the suspects grabbed her back after they attacked her and fled.

Beyond that, the insider noted that he tried to use Grande’s credit card at a nearby convenience store hours after he robbed her. But officials tracked them down and quickly detained them.

Also last week, 17- and 13-year-olds were detained by officials. The suspects were charged with assault, robbery, and grand theft, among several other charges.

Grande’s NY robbery comes months after a stalker broke into her sister Ariana Grande’s home.

A stalker breaks into Ariana Grande’s house

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Police responded to a burglar alarm on Ariana Grande’s Montecito residence on June 26.

Agents also arrested 23-year-old Aharon Zebulun Israel Brown on several counts, including stalking, theft, obstruction, violating a court order, and damaging power lines.

Fortunately, there were no 29-year-old singers in the home at the time of the break-in.

Meanwhile, investigations revealed that Brown had been stalking Grande for several months. He is detained in Santa Barbara County Main Jail without bail. He then pleaded not guilty in an indictment held on June 28.

In addition, the bailiff issued a manifesto related to Grande’s stalking case.

The statement said a restraining order was “necessary for fear that the stalker, the suspected pursuer, might be released from prison.”

On the other hand, Thank You and Next Pop singers also delivered a clarification message about trespassing.

She said, ‘I fear for my safety and the safety of my family. Without a restraining order, Mr. I’m afraid Brown will keep coming to my house and attempting bodily harm. Or kill me or my family.’


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