Fred Savage fired from ‘Wonder Years’ reboot after investigation into cheating

Fred Savage is in trouble after being fired from his role in the Wonder Years reboot for misconduct charges against him. His dismissal came through a statement on 20th Television. Therefore, the actor cannot participate in the reboot of Wonder Years. But what were the charges that made him fire him?

Read ahead to learn more about Fred Savage and the charges against him.

Fred Savage played a child actor in the sitcom. Wonder Year

One of Fred Savage’s most famous works was with the 1988 sitcom The Wonder Years. The sitcom has offered a total of six seasons to date. The role of Fred in the sitcom was Kevin Arnold. Overall, the sitcom received favorable reviews from viewers for its pleasant story development.

However, in September of last year, the reboot season 1 of the same sitcom was released. Surprisingly, the reboot was being worked on by Fred Savage as Executive Producer and Reboot Director. But now he doesn’t do that anymore, because of several charges against him.

Fred Savage fired for misconduct against him

At the time of the reboot of The Wonder Years, it was Executive Producer and Director Fred Savage. Destiny now has other plans as their role as a duo is no longer in his hands. A statement from 20th Television said they were working on a reboot, and they fired Fred for the reboot.

Fred’s firing came this time because of misconduct charges against him on set. Investigations followed this, and Fred’s role was over. Don’t forget that this isn’t the first time the actor has faced such allegations.

Previous Arguments Against Fred Savage

While the first season of Reboot came out last year. The second hasn’t come yet. But after several misconduct allegations against him on set. Previous claims against Fred were also in the spotlight. Even in 2018, Alley Mills said the original sitcom was canceled due to sexual harassment lawsuits against Fred Savage & Jason Harvey.

Client Monique Long accused the two of verbal and physical harassment. Even in 2019, Fox’s Grinder crew charged Fred with battery, molestation and other charges. Although Fred always denied the charges against him.

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