Fred Warner believes it’s ‘only a matter of time’ before Deebo Samuel, 49ers sign a new deal

The Deebo Samuel trade has never materialized and appears to be almost imminent, leaving the situation at a standstill if not for a deadlock.

Samuel’s colleague, linebacker Fred Warner, can relate to some degree. As a 2020 first-team All-Pro, Warner has entered 2021 without an extension, and has spent plenty of time waiting for a new deal to develop his understanding of Samuel’s current situation.

Warner believes Samuel and the 49ers will reach an agreement to repair the fence and reunite them into the 2022 season.

“I’ll tell you about it here,” Warner said. NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero Asks Questions in Twitter Spaces If he was sure Samuel would be on the field for the 49ers in week one. “I know you’ll incite it, Tom … So listen, I know this team knows its worth at Deebo Samuel. I know. Deebo loves the team he plays for. I’m the type of teammate, He knows the type of player in the locker room, our love for him, and how much he loves us.

“So, I think it’s just a matter of time until something is done. I’m here for him, and I know we all care a lot about him here in this building. And that’s all I can say about it.”

Rumors of Samuel’s dissatisfaction first surfaced before the 2022 NFL Draft, leaving enough time for the 49ers to convince general manager John Lynch to send their best striker out. The 49ers offered Samuel, but as manager Kyle Shanahan said, “It was far from what we thought was fair to us or fair to the Ninus,” the draft was passed without a deal and Samuel was transferred.

Samuel is still on the roster and the issue is still unresolved. Unlike most dissatisfaction situations, money is not the main point of the debate. Samuel is known to be uncomfortable with the way he was used to attack Shanahan in 2021.

Instead of a pass-grabbing machine, Shanahan put Samuel as a versatile backfield weapon capable of receiving a receiver and a carry, embarking the opposing defense in ground games. He also ran the route out of the backfield, finishing with the most scrimmage yards (1,770) and 14 total touchdowns in a single season of his career.

That’s great from a 49ers point of view, but Samuel doesn’t seem satisfied with being a running back, especially given that he has a much shorter shelf life in the NFL today. Samuel’s 44 catches, 819 yards and four touchdowns in weeks 1-8 broke Jerry Rice’s franchise record for most yards won in the first seven games of the season, but after just two weeks his role has changed somewhat dramatically. It was. Samuel watched his receive rate drop to 3.5 per match, but his carry increased to 6.6 per contest.

If this trend continues, Samuel will be in a position to sacrifice at least some lifespan and the ability to monetize in the receiver market, which has absolutely exploded this offseason to provide the best service possible. 49ers. If so, it looks like the situation could only be resolved by returning Samuel to his primary receiver role and finding other ways to be aggressively creative without including Samuel in the backfield.

Of course, the accumulated money may change Samuel’s mind, but that financial olive branch has not yet expanded. So, for now, we’ll see if the deal goes through with Warner. He may be more optimistic about the outcome than others.

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