From layoffs to job freezes, here’s how companies like Amazon and Walmart are preparing for the ‘catastrophic’ coming to the economy.

  • Talks of an upcoming recession have terrified some.
  • The economy is still pretty good, but it seems some companies are already downsizing.
  • From job freezes to off-site cancellations to layoffs, there are signs of recession expectations.

during Recession didn’t come But there’s no doubt that rumors have grown about when they’ll hit it.

Businesses seem to be tightening their belts after a strong year of economic recovery when Americans have had enough money and jobs to get around. Clearly, experts have told Insider that the next recession will be much milder than the pandemic and feel very different.


Or the 2008 housing bubble burst and the financial crisis.

Still, companies from Meta to Walmart have signaled that they are preparing for a recession in recent weeks.

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