Funny: A poll photo of Katy Perry has become a meme template and is gaining popularity on social media.

Katy Perry recently shared on Instagram that she voted for Rick Caruso, but her photo was soon turned into a funny new meme by Internet users. Memes have taken over social media, and it’s no surprise that it doesn’t take long for an individual to turn a random phrase or photo into another new meme. Something similar happened with a photo of her Katy Perry shared on her Instagram account. Its main reason was to ask users to vote, but it soon turned into a meme. A few months ago, Kanye, who is now next to Ye Yi, had a similar meeting.

He came out after posting a picture of him holding a notepad. The notepad read, ‘My account has not been hacked. 2.13.22. This was to let his fans know that all content posted on his platform came from him. It didn’t take long for an individual to turn a photo into a meme. Followers began sharing funny notes, editing what he wrote on his notepad and taking all the considerations into account. Celebrities should be wary of what they post online, as the most recent photo of Katy Perry has suffered a similar fate.

A poll photo that Katy Perry shared on Instagram has been turned into a fun meme template.

On November 7th, Katy Perry announced that she had voted for Rick Caruso via her Instagram account. She captioned her photo. I’m voting for a number of reasons (see News), but especially because Los Angeles is a hot ATM. The vocalist likewise used the hashtag ‘Let’s go Caruso’ to show support for the Republican nominee. One of the photos Katy Perry shared on her stage shows her vocalist giving her a thumbs up in front of her voting screen. It didn’t take long for an individual to turn that photo into a meme template, as many people changed the photo to suit their needs. One user said in her tweet that Katy Perry was spotted ordering a submarine. Another user said she posted a picture of Katy Perry listening to her own best song via her Instagram. Written by a third user. READ KATY PERRY SASUKE RETSUDEN MANGA OMGGG‼️ Did you not read the first two chapters? do it now! Read ‘This Doctor Is My Wife’ in the manga and don’t miss it.

Katy Perry’s Voting Controversy, As Singer Gets Backlash For Her Voting

Katy Perry recently came under fire after sharing that she voted for Rick Caruso in the Los Angeles mayoral election. Her vocalist took her Election Day photos to her Instagram to share her progress, and she voted for Caruso because LA is in hot turmoil, she wrote. In one of the photos, the Roar hitmaker was seen taking a selfie in front of a ballot while voting for Rick Caruso. In another photo, she was seen dramatically stopped in front of a polling station. Katy Perry’s Instagram post has led to an online backlash against her singer as many of her have called her to vote for a famous candidate for her party replacement.

Rick Caruso is currently running for mayor of Los Angeles as a Democrat, but has been a Republican his entire life. Before joining the Democratic Party, Rick Caruso was registered as an Independent. Katy Perry has previously been criticized for yelling her at Rick Caruso on her social media platform. Katy Perry came back in July after opposing the Supreme Court’s ruling Roe v. Wade after her chosen mayoral candidate, Rick Caruso, opposed her right to abortion. . However, after the LA mayoral election, Kate Perry fell into the hot waters after electing Rick Caruso as LA mayor. Therefore, several people have visited her Twitter to respond to her decisions and votes of her choice.

View: Hillarious Katy Perry’s photo becomes the meme template.

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