Funny B Simone Memes trending on Twitter after she revealed that she doesn’t shower every day

Influencer B Simone sparked a furious social media backlash when she admitted to skipping showers between Monday and Thursday. I don’t shower every day, the actress and comedian with 6 million Instagram followers said on her very own podcast “The Know For Sure Pod” last week. A clip floating around Twitter includes B Simone co-host Megan Brooks asking when she’s going to shower again after Monday. B Simone said, “I hope by Thursday morning. B Simone’s shower schedule quickly went viral and her name became a trending topic on Twitter. A rash of internet commentators said social media users erupted in memes about her hygiene. Users tweeted photos of her tan bath and said, “I love the B Simone bath.” One Twitter user posted a video showing the cat sniffing the baby and running to vomit. The video’s caption reads when B Simone discovered why it’s trending.

Who is B Simon?

Actor, singer, and social media influencer, B Simone is known for being active in a variety of media. She was born on April 5, 1990 in Dallas, Texas. Her debut EP, Lost Soul, was released in 2014 following an audition for BET’s The Search contest in 2012. Earlier that year, Simone was a member of The Late Singer. She rose to more fame after appearing on MTV’s Wild ‘N Out in 2017 and then appearing alongside Lil Kim and Mya on VH1’s Girls Cruise in 2019.

Besides running B. Simone Beauty, B Simone is also the owner of a vegan, cruelty-free makeup brand. Aside from her comedy career, Simone has also headlined several shows. According to her reports, she was on both the Lit AF Tour and the Ladies Night Out Comedy Tour. Other prominent comedians like Mike Epps invited her to join her shows. Simone was a producer on many films including Scheme Queens and You’re My Boooyfriend. She has also amassed a sizable social media following as a performer.

B Simone’s funny shower memes trend on Twitter after the singer’s bizarre shower revelations

Recently, singer and influencer B Simone found herself trending on Twitter after talking about her shower habits with co-host Megan Brooks on The Know For Sure Pod. In an interview with her co-hosts, the singer revealed that she doesn’t shower every day, she asked if it was her “dirty habit”. B Simone made it clear that she doesn’t go 4 days without a shower, as she explained that if she showers on Monday she will shower again on Wednesday or Thursday. B Simone’s shower habits have become the subject of hilarious memes as her confession goes viral online. On Thursday, B. Simone filmed herself showering her in response to the controversy. In her Instagram video, she wrote, “I’m in the shower. Shit.”

“You all are anxious for me to take a shower,” she said. YouGov America reports that about two-thirds of Americans shower daily. Daily bathing is often more about habit and social norms than health for many people. They shower to get rid of body odor and get ready for the day, or to complete a morning routine that may include exercise. However, celebrities’ shower habits tend to get a lot of attention on the internet. Earlier this year, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher came under intense criticism for admitting they don’t bathe every day, with Ashton Kutcher saying she only washed the soles and cavities of her feet. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher also claimed to bathe their children only when dirt was visible.

MEMES: B Simone don’t shower every day

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