Funny: Machine Gun Kelly Meme in Trendy Suits at His AMAs 2022

On Sunday, Machine Gun Kelly wore a purple Dolce & Gabbana suit completely covered in spikes to the AMAs 2022 red carpet, and fans immediately made fun of his outfit on social media. One wrote, “Why is MGK dressed as a sea urchin? Several fans were concerned about Megan Fox’s fiancée’s ability to sit in the Microsoft Theater. This is total dope, Coulson. But seriously, how do you sit? “But who dares to sit next to him?” one user asked. Another person pointed out. “Earlier this year, Machine Gun Kelly won the Favorite Rock Artist of 2022 award, an accolade that was also won last year. Machine Gun Kelly is Mainstream Nominated for Favorite Rock Album of the Year for Sellout, Lionel Richie, who is about to receive the Icon of the Year award, was next to MGK and one fan commented on Twitter: Machine Gun Kelly’s jacket could stab him.

Machine Gun Kelly gets trolled at the 2022 AMAs in a spiked purple suit.

Music star Machine Gun Kelly caught the attention of social media users during the American Music Awards. Machine Gun Kelly’s purple suit was decorated with spikes, and fans wondered how he would sit during the event and how dangerous he would be to those sitting next to him. It didn’t take long for fans on social media to mock his outfit. On the black carpet, MGK, 32, posed with his arms outstretched. He accessorized it with a studded necklace and earrings and left his platinum blonde hair disheveled and loose. He even has studs on his boots, so he never misses an opportunity to co-ordinate them. He’s already had a big night, as the star was named Favorite Rock Artist at the American Music Awards. Some likened Machine Gun Kelly to the COVID-19 virus, a pincushion, a dog in a coyote vest, a sea urchin, and a pincushion. It didn’t take long before viewers realized that MGK was sitting next to Lionel Richie.

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Lionel Richie is trying not to get stabbed. On Live TV, one Twitter user wrote along with a picture of him during the telecast, while another user said that one wrong move and Lionel Richie were out. There were also comments comparing Machine Gun Kelly’s spikes to mobile antennas. If you’re live on a no-coverage AMA, just stand nearby! It’s really uncomfortable to pee on this st! MGK made a joke during his acceptance speech for Favorite Rock Artist. Machine Gun Kelly also called out those who called him a “tourist” of the rock world in an expletive-filled speech. Some people call me a tourist. I’m Rocket Man, they say. Right before the beeping, they said they do all genres. At least no one lost an eye. The Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles hosts the American Music Awards. Voting began on October 13, 2022, the same day the nominations were announced.

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