Funny memes take over Twitter after Ryanair banned James Corden

Airlines Ryanair banned British celebrity James Corden shortly after he was temporarily banned from New York’s famous restaurant Balthazar. The company, known for its hilarious social media posts, took to Twitter to announce the ban, along with a photo of Corden with a red ‘cancel’ circle on her face. The boycott may simply be the airline’s approach to jumping into the trend, given the fact that James Corden tends to treat restaurant servers poorly on Twitter. This has launched a variety of funny memes online for certain individuals supporting the ban. Likewise, it has sparked similar jokes from other brands. Restaurant mogul Keith McNally banned a British celebrity for rude behavior towards staff and servers. James Corden later apologized enough, and Keith McNally withdrew the ban.

In any case, the internet fully supported the ban, ensuring that James Corden became a ‘nightmare’ and he deserved it. It wasn’t long before the story of the Late Late Show’s interaction with the host and others came back to mind. One such story that will come to mind is the story of the infamous James Corden, a woman, and a child. On a flight from London to New York, travelers professed to see a Cats Star sitting next to a woman holding a baby. A shock to them, Corden never complained about the child or showed any signs of suffering. He put his earphones in and stood still. When the plane landed, Corden was still sitting and the woman who was actually holding the child was fiddling with her bag in her overhead locker. After that, the woman told James Corden. She said, “Damn, can you at least hold the baby while I unload the sack?” The woman was his significant other and she was his baby.

Ryanair says late late show host James Corden was banned from the aircraft.

Social media went viral as New York’s top restaurant Balthazar banned James Corden from his venue after James Corden yelled ‘crazy’ at staff about his omelettes. made a fuss Low-budget airline Ryanair says television character James Corden has been banned from flying with him after he received harsh criticism for an explosion that occurred at a New York restaurant. The Irish airline decided to cut into jokes about the star by tweeting that the star was not welcome on the plane. Ryanair’s official account said it was banned from James Corden, Ryanair, with an image of a large red cross around James Corden’s face. Twitter users raved about the post, which now has over 90,000 likes, 782 citing tweets, and 3,630 retweets. One user joked with the airline. An additional 2 seats can be sold. Another is his marketing group ‘Fly Ryanair. It’s the only carrier that promises you won’t have to sit next to James Corden.

Use this for free and your next line of marketing will cost you. A third party joked that he would sit by the window if it wasn’t his. It comes after Gavin and Stacey writer James Corden was accused of abusing employees by the owner of a first-class restaurant. With total assets of around $70 million, it would be absurd for James to take on a budget-planning airline like Ryanair at any point. However, the Irish-owned company is known to downplay recent events and is joking around the ban. They joked about Leonardo DiCaprio’s recent dating history, Boris Johnson’s Paygate scandal, and Eric Trump’s use of private jets. Whether the aircraft is serious or not, it has set fire to several brands not affiliated with James and has taken similar bans. Among them, the Nebraska Humane Society, Riot Fest and even Ba Sing Se followed. One user banned him from the entire Yorkshire area.

Other brands also banned James Corden

Ryanair Banned James Corden’s Funny Meme

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