Funny: Sus Drake “Rich Flex” TikTok with Kai Cenat 21 Savage Reactions to Memes

In the opening song of Drake and Her Loss’ collaboration album, 21 Savage responded to every ‘Rich Flex’ meme that was created. The Atlanta native was a guest on a live stream hosted by online individual Kai Centat. They discussed all the memes mocking Drake’s “Can you work for me at 21?” line.

There was a joke on social media platforms that Drake showed off a more sensual side than 21 Savage with the line, and the reaction from fans grew stronger and faster. In 21 TikTok recordings, Kai Senat showed the individual moving sensually to the album’s opening song, and the rapper wasn’t happy about how things were going. At one point, a rapper asked if the dancer was a real man, and Kai Senat confirmed. Oh shit, said 21 savages. I felt it was a girl, brother. God, I did. He seems to be a woman.

Rapper 21 Savage reacts to funny ‘Rich Flex’ meme

21 Savage and Drake’s Her Loss album is on the web. That created a meme about the single “Rich Flex”. On Thursday, famous Twitch streamer Kai Cenat appeared on a full Twitch session with rapper 21 Savage. During an extensive meeting, 21 Savage was asked for information about Drake’s viral recording. From the outset, the Atlanta rapper seemed puzzled by what Kai Centat had to say. After watching the clip, he understood that the memes span his course of events. 21 Savage said, “Oh, I see,” at the 20:50 mark on a Twitch session. But is that the trend? They fell and ruined Drake. Drake will knock them down.” After watching a few clips, 21 Savage shook her head. Certain ‘Rich Flex’ Memes center around Drake’s line. 21 What can you do for me at any time?” Many people mocked the rapper.

Drake doesn’t live along the 21 rich flex line I’m crying out for. Twitter users captioned the meme of Drake jumping into the wrestling ring. ‘Rich Flex’ is a really good song. Unfortunately, the web ruined it for me. Every time I hear Drake’s introduction, all I see is Aubrey with pom poms indulging in a 21-year-old. I really want that picture completely removed from my mind. Someone else tweeted. Drake and 21 Savage’s Her Loss album was released on November 4th, and there have been numerous stories from fans throughout the album, including singing Drake zesty for some of his bars and mentioning his ex in ghastly lighting as trivial. In a discussion with the Akademiks Off The Record podcast, 21 Savage revealed that he had Dizzy’s lyrical darts in mind while creating the project, and urged him to keep jab for the hit. While reactions to Her Loss continue to pour, Drake and 21 Savage are still focused on releasing the album.

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