Fuslie says Twitch’s DMCA process drove her to switch to YouTube.

Fuslie left Twitch and was afraid to leave the platform, she says: There are tons of streamers who have left the Twitch platform behind and come to YouTube games. This month, popular streamer Fuslie also arrived on YouTube. But her fans have long wondered why she left Twitch.

Learn more about Fuslie and tell us the scary reason she left Twitch.

Fuslie left Twitch for YouTube gaming.

It was this week that the famous Twitch Fuslie streamer decided to leave the Twitch platform. This is where she has many of her followers who love to join her stream every time. She currently has an exclusive YouTube deal to stream on YouTube.

Previously, she did not reveal why she left the Twitch platform. But now she has come up with a reason why she is so terrified that she leaves the platform where she was popular. She has now joined the YouTube game where she has Valkyrae, CouRage and more.

Fuslie was not satisfied with Twitch’s DMCA process.

Recently, Fuslie was asked why she left Twitch to play YouTube games. She revealed that her DMCA takedown was the main reason she left Twitch and started playing YouTube games. Fuslie said that YouTube manages content better than Twitch does.

When she tried to reach out to higher authorities on Twitch for help, she got no help. Her problems she covered on her Twitch made her terrified of her. Meanwhile, she opted for YouTube gaming for fear of losing her Twitch career.

Fans of Fuslie leaving Twitch

Without a doubt, it was Twitch’s presence that has given Fuslie so much love and support so far. She thanked everyone for their love and support in her final stream. But now she will be attending YouTube for an upcoming stream.

So her fans will be happy to see her on YouTube as well. To everyone who supported Fuslie on Twitch. They will now see her on YouTube with some of the most amazing streamers who have similarly chosen YouTube games.

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