Gabriel Derian Arrested After Fatal Collision on Newport Road with Menipy’s Berea

Recently, on September 28, there was a fatal accident that killed a woman in Menifee, California. The police have arrested Gabriel Derian. Authorities arrested Gabriel Derian on suspicion of drinking and causing an accident. Gabriel Derian is now 41 years old and the additional woman who died in the accident is 41 years old. Information regarding the accident was released by the Menifee Police Department. According to police reports, a fatal accident occurred in Berea and Newport around 3 pm on September 28th. The Menifi Police Department said the accused Gabriel Derian was driving a Ford SUV west on Newport Street and then neglected to stop the SUV for a red light at an intersection and ambushed a BMW SUV traveling south on Berea Street. Because of this, the BMW SUV collided with the Chrysler sedan, which was waiting to make an eastward detour from Berea to Newport.

According to reports, the BMW’s injured driver was removed from the vehicle and transported to the emergency room, where he later died while receiving treatment. The name and details of the deceased victim have not been released, but until notification from her loved ones. According to the report, the Chrysler driver was a 55-year-old woman from Menifi. She further rushed to her medical aid and was admitted to the hospital with minor injuries. Suspect Gabriel Derian also suffered serious injuries and was rushed to the emergency room and is in stable condition. This accident was very destructive and devastating for everyone.

Who is Gabriel Derian?

The most recent fatal accident occurred on September 28 in Menifee, California, in which a woman died. Authorities arrested a man named Gabriel Deria for causing an accident while intoxicated. Gabriel Derian is now 41 years old and the person who died in the accident is also 41 years old. The Menify Police Department has released information about the accident. The accident occurred on September 28, just after 3pm on Berea Street and Newport Street. Authorities said the woman was driving her BMW SUV south and driving south on Berea Street until she entered a green light intersection and was pulled over by a Ford SUV heading west on Newport Street to the side of the driver’s seat, authorities said.

The impact of the crash caused the BMW to collide with Chrysler, who was waiting to turn east from Berea Street to Newport Street. After the crash, patrol officers appeared at the scene, found a woman trapped in the wreckage, and began a mouth-to-mouth conversation with Riverside County Fire Department paramedics. She said that the woman was removed from her wreckage and she was taken to a local trauma center where she received intensive care until her death. A 55-year-old woman, Menifee, driving a Chrysler, was admitted to the hospital with minor injuries. Ford’s driver Gabriel Derian, 41, of Menipy, was seriously injured and admitted to the hospital. He was arrested on charges of car accident, drunk driving and drunk driving. An investigation into the accident is ongoing.

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