Galaxy Z Flip 4 leak reveals a foldable that looks very familiar

Unofficial renderings of its smaller sibling, the Z Flip 4, also leaked hours after we first peeked at a potential design for Samsung’s Z Fold 4. through 91 mobile And OnLeaks. However, while the next Fold may get a redesigned camera bump, the design of the Z Flip 4 looks almost identical to its predecessor. Externally, it has a two-tone color scheme with a pair of cameras and a small notification display, while on the inside there is still a 6.7-inch foldable display with a hole-punch selfie cutout in the top center.

That’s not necessarily a surprise, and certainly not a bad thing either. Samsung took over the first Z Flip just a few months later with an almost identical Z Flip 5G. So it has already been proven that updating the inside of a foldable without changing the exterior is happy. And since we were so impressed with last year’s Z Flip 3 (“the first foldable phone for the public”), it doesn’t feel like an immediate design overhaul, even if we don’t reject the slightly larger external display.

If Samsung plans their next Z Flip to be a spec bump, we hope the specs will actually improve significantly. The rear camera needs the most improvement. Last time, when Samsung’s relatively priced flagship Galaxy S device had a 50-megapixel or larger main sensor, both were 12-megapixel. If Samsung follows the same schedule as last year, an official announcement is expected in August.

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