Garcel Beauvais net worth

What is Garcelle Beauvais’ net worth?

Net Worth: 8 million dollars
job: Actor
age: 55
country: USA
bear: November 26, 1966
Salary (annual): one million dollars
last update 2022

Garcelle Beauvais is a Haitian-American actress and model who has a net worth of $8 million dollars. She was born on November 26, 1966 in the commune of Saint-March in western Haiti. Beauvais took part in many comedy films, where they were successful. In addition to that, she has appeared on a number of talk shows and has served as her host. She is considered a well-known artist in the film industry.

early life

Garcelle Beauvais came into the world on November 26, 1966 in Saint-March. She was the daughter of Axel Jean Pierre and Marie-Claire Beauvais. Her mother also gave birth to six other children. Her father is a successful lawyer by profession and her mother is a hospital nurse. She went to America with her mother after her divorce. At that time, she was very young when her parents separated.

Garcell didn’t speak English well when he first went to America. Over time, she learned to speak the language fluently by watching TV series. She has not released any information about her educational career on news channels. Because she started modeling when she was 16.


Garcelle’s career began at a very young age. Competing with other people in various modeling competitions in 1986 was a real surprise. This got her interested in modeling shows and made her want to become a model. She also worked in various industries before moving to New York. Her passion for the new place also turned into a fashion model. Most importantly, she is a very hard-working and determined person.

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brand ambassador

Beauvais maintained a very talented and active personality in all professions. We can see that she has succeeded in whatever career she wants to achieve. In 1987 she joined various brands including Burdines, Mary Kay, Calvin Klein and Avon. She also signed with the very popular Ford Modeling Agency. Some of these brands even appointed her as her brand ambassadors. It was a matter of honor that was very important to her.


Two years later, in 1989, a new interest arose in her desire to become an actress. Her first TV series was “Miami Vice”, which consisted of a total of 18 episodes. Afterwards, she got the chance to showcase her performance in her first film “Coming to America”.

However, it was not able to attract a large audience. However, Garcel did not lose hope for his acting career and found the right time. In 1994, the 24-year-old played the character of Cynthia Nichols on Fox Film Network. It was her big success and she started participating in other successful characters.

For five years, she acted as a hotel employee on the TV series “The Jamie Foxx Show”. She also took part in the drama TV series “NYPD Blue”. At the age of 45, she played the character of Hanna Linden in Franklin and Bash. In April 2020, Beauvais became a main member of the season “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. In 2020, she started working as a co-MC for season 7 of the talk show ‘The Real’.

Relationship with Michael Jordan

Garcelle Beauvais’ personal life was not easy. She had to go through a lot of trauma. She could be seen in many relationships with different personalities. Her first relationship was with Michael Jordan, who lived in the United States. He played football on an international level and won many awards. However, they broke up in 1984 because they thought they did not get along with each other.

Relationship with Johnny Depp

After that, Beauvais started dating Johnny Depp. Johnny was an actor by profession and performed some roles on various albums. They spent a lot of time together to develop some feelings. But fate was not with both of them, and she again parted with him. She has been single for nearly five years to get some alone time.

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Relationship with Daniel Saunders

In 1991, Beauvais appeared on news and social sites with Daniel Saunders. Daniel is a producer and currently has produced several films. At that time, the two decided to strengthen their relationship and got married. They had a child named Oliver. However, after 9 years of dating, the two divorced. The viewers showed great sympathy for the warm visuals of the two.

Relationship with Mike Neillon

Garcelle’s life took a new turn when she met Mike Nilon. Mike also worked as a producer in the film industry. She has worked on various projects with him, with great success. She gave birth to twins and two children, Jaid. In 2010, they separated and are living single lives.

social media

In this modern age, we all know that everyone can use it on various social networking sites. So how could Garcelle Beauvais not have this kind of network page? To show her presence, she lives several times on these online platforms.

Garcell knows that many fans want to know more about her personal and social life. She regularly updates her own status to show her love for her followers. Follow the following accounts to be notified of her actions and her participation in new TV series.


As of 2022, Garcelle Beauvais’ net worth is estimated at $8 million. Her Garcelle is best known for Her Her. Starring in the sitcom The Jamie Foxx Show and the crime drama series NYPD Blue. She has an annual income of 1 million dollars.

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