Gary Bush net worth

What is Gary Busey’s net worth?

Net Worth: $500,000
job: Actor
country: USA
bear: June 29, 1944
Salary (annual): $100,000 per year
last update 2022

Gary Busey is an American actress who has a net worth of $500,000. He is best known for his lead role as young musician Buddy Holly in the 1978 film. “The Story of Buddy Holly”. He was praised by critics for his role, and for that he was nominated for several awards and Academy Awards.

Busey has been considered one of the most eccentric actors of his generation, having appeared in over 150 films. Busey got his hands on music before starting his acting career. Busey’s acting career has treated him generously since his 1974 debut in his crime film. thunderbolt and light feet.

Despite his acting success, Busey applied for a chapter. 7 bankruptcy In 2012, he claimed to owe more than $500,000 at the time. Unfortunately, Busey’s career went downhill when he became addicted to cocaine, which ruined his life and career and prevented him from reaching his full potential.

Although he claimed to be clean for many years, he had a well-known drug addiction. Very recently he was arrested on the charge of: August 2022 rape.

early life

William Gary Busey was born on June 29, 1944 in Goose Creek, Texas, to Sadie Virginia, a housewife, and Delmer Lloyd Busey, a construction design manager. When he was in fourth grade, his family moved to Tulsa and attended there. Bell Middle School Before graduating from Nathan Hale High School in 1962

Busey attended Coffeyville Community College and later moved to Pittsburg State. University of Pittsburgh, Before Kansas suffered a knee injury, he had to give up his dream of becoming a professional athlete on a football scholarship.

Busey became interested in acting and studied theater at Oklahoma State University, where he worked as a professional musician for a while. Busey eventually dropped out earlier. Complete his degree.

short music career

Busey started his career as a drummer with rubber band. He played drums on many of Leon Russell’s records under the name Teddy Jack Eddy. He was an outstanding drummer who also played in various bands including country and western. Chris Christofferson, and Willie Nelson.

acting career

By the 1970s, he had a handful of minor roles in film and television. Debuted in 1971 as a biker film angel hard like They come. In 1972, he appeared in a minor role in the movie The Magnificent Seven Ride. And Dirty Little Billy.

In 1973, he appeared briefly in one of the episodes of Kung Fu’s Ancient Warrior Season 1. A few years later, he was noticed by director Barbra Streisand, who decided to cast him after seeing his performance in a TV series. As Bobby Richie in the 1976 film star is born.


In 1978, he starred in the biographical film “The Buddy Holly Story” and was nominated for several awards, including an Academy Award. His career seemed to be on the right track, but his personal life was not. he became cocaine and alcohol addiction, influenced his career.

Due to his drug addiction, he no longer plays the lead role, only taking on minor roles. He was cast as the wacky and crazy guy in the 1980’s to keep him from this stereotype. He appeared in several films with minor roles, including The Bear (1984), Silver Bullet (1985), and Eye of the Tiger (1986).

Gary Busey Net Worth and Salary

In 1987 he played Joshua in an action film. ‘lethal weapon’ also starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover And it was with great success that he restored his struggling career. In 1991 he received critical acclaim for his role in the film. “Point Break” Just like the 1992 movie. “In siege” Both have been commercially successful.

his drug addiction Growing up to the mid 1990s and he had near-death experience Because of cocaine overdose. He was hospitalized and arrested for possession of illegal drugs.

Although his film career began to fade and he no longer starred, he continued to play minor roles in films such as: Soldier’ ​​(1998), Glory Glory (2000), Quigley (2003), Latin Dragon (2004), Maneater (2007), Piranha 3DD (2012), Entourage (2015) and Camp Manna (2018).

Along with his film roles, he played seasons 4 and 6, and Dr. He has also appeared as a guest on several TV shows, such as Celebrity Apprentice, where he appeared twice with Drew.

How does he spend his money?

•real estate

Busey lives in Malibu, California and owns several properties throughout the United States.

car collection

  • Lexus
  • Volvo C30 ($7,584 to $20,228)
  • Toyota
  • Chevrolet

Divorce agreement

Busey has been divorced twice, and the divorce settlement was costly with three children who are also known to be paying child support.

• drug dealers

Busey’s drug addiction grew until the mid-1990s and before his career flourished, but eventually disappeared. His drug dealers must have made a lot of money from the supply of cocaine.

Hospital expenses and rehabilitation

In 1988, the actor was involved in a motorcycle accident that nearly killed him. Busey suffered serious brain damage while recovering from a physical injury. He underwent rehabilitation for a drug overdose.

In addition to this, he also had surgery to remove a plum-sized cancerous tumor from his sinuses. All of this would have cost him a considerable amount, as medical treatment can be very expensive.

other works

Busey was part of the Vitamin Water YouTube ad series in 2010. In 2014, he became a celebrity advocate for Amazon Fire TV.

Busey is also the author of the Autobiography Before Leaving Earth, a basic guide to Buseyisms: Gary Busey. One of the best sellers of 2018.

personal life

Busey has been married twice in his life and is the father of three children, but both marriages ended in divorce. he married his first wife, Judy BushIn 1968, they divorced in 1990. They have a son, Jake Busey, who is also an actor, and recently appeared in the Disney series Bunk’d, which premiered in 2022.

He married his second wife in 1996. Tianni Warden, And they divorced in 2001. Busey has two more children from a previous relationship. Tracy Hutchinson and Alectra Ellie Busey, Steffanie Busey and Luke Samson Busey.

interesting facts

  • Busey has black belts in several martial arts disciplines such as Martial Arts Jiu-Jitsu, Capoeira, Aikido, Jailhouse Rock and Kendo.
  • Busey and his actor and son, Jake Busey, are both licensed pilots trained at the Flight School near Santa Monica Airport.
  • Busey was a member of the band Carp and played the band’s old LP on Late Night with David Letterman in 1982.
  • Busey played the crazy cook in the tractor’s music video Shortenin’ Bread.
  • Bush supported Newt Gingrich in the 2011 presidential election, but later withdrew his support.
  • Bush supported Donald Trump as President of the United States in 2015.

filing for bankruptcy

In addition to the money returned to the cocaine dealer, Busey had to deal with two divorces, expensive medical bills, and job loss. Bush filed for bankruptcy under Chapter VII of the 2012 Bankruptcy Act. Assets $26,000 and more $57,000 in debt and more $451,000 An outstanding tax liability of $1 million was settled in December 2012.

Arrests and legal issues

In August 2022, Bush was allegedly arrested and charged with sexual assault at Monster Mania Con in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, where he appeared as a guest. According to cherry hill policeHe was charged with two charges. 4th degree offender 1 case of sexual contact, criminal sexual contact, 1 case of harassment.

In 1995, Busey was arrested when police discovered drug charges. cocaine and other drugs thereof Malibu residence. He was previously arrested on charges of abusing his wife Tianni. In 2011, he tried to molest a female celebrity apprentice employee.


Busey is an active social worker associated with the Busey Foundation, his organization he founded in 2012. The foundation raises awareness and funds Kawasaki disease research and development.

In 2011, the actor appeared on the hit TV reality show Celebrity Apprentice, winning $200,000 and $20,000 in Camping World prizes, which he later donated to the Center for Head Injury Services in St. Louis.

Awards and nominations

Busey won the National Film Critics Association Award in 1979 for the film The Buddy Holly Story, the BAFTA Film Award for Best Actor, and the Most Promising Newcomer Award in 1980, respectively.

He also received various nominations for the film Buddy Holy Story, including an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award.

Gary Bush net worth

As of 2022, Gary Busey’s net worth is estimated at around $500,000. Most of his income comes from the entertainment industry, where he earns $50,000 a year as a movie star and $40,000 a year as a voice actor.

Busey earns thousands of extra dollars from endorsements, book royalties, public appearances, and other activities. Busey also runs an e-commerce website,, which sells books, cups, pillows and other accessories.

Despite years of experience in the industry, marriages failed due to excessive medical expenses and rehabilitation periods, and dire real estate investments reduced their fortunes.

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