Gary Neville asked to sign something for Manchester City fans in the United States. His reaction is priceless.

Manchester United legend Gary Neville was requested to sign. Manchester City The fans who traveled from the United States and his reactions were invaluable. Check it out below.

He has been a Manchester United fan since childhood, which means he is a natural rival for most City and Liverpool fans.

A supporter recently traveled to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to visit Pep Guardiola’s Etihad Stadium when he bumped into Neville off the field.

Then she asked Neville if she could get an autograph, and when she saw her shirt, the 47-year-old looked stunned.

Neville against Manchester City in 2010. (Image credit: Alamy)

“Where do you sign?” He asks before talking about the back of what many people think is her shirt.

Then she says, “You’re my best friend. Philadelphia loves you.”

Seeing Neville grinning, the two pose, emphasizing, “Philadelphia loves me. Of course I love you. Continue to Philadelphia.”

victories over West Ham United and Aston Villa in the last two games of the season will ensure manager Pep Guardiola’s fourth league title in five years.

Image Credit: Alamy
Image Credit: Alamy

They were knocked out of the Champions League earlier this month when they lost 6-5 on aggregate to Real Madrid.

We saw Patrice Evra, one of Neville’s former teammates, criticize Guardiola’s team for a lack of character.

Evra went on to say that this is why Guardiola hasn’t won the Champions League since 2011.

Guardiola said: “After the last 4 games we have scored 19 goals, so do we have an amazing personality and these things? Sorry but I completely disagree.

“The same character and character that we lost in Madrid is what we have in the last few years.

“Ex-professional players [Dimitar] Berbatov, [Clarence] Seedorf and Evra, there were no such people.

“I’ve played with them and I’ve never seen a character like this when we beat Manchester United in the Champions League final. The character is something we’ve done every three days in every competition for the last 5 years.”


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