General finds rhythm and wins with De’Andre Johnson in QB.

by RJ Young
FOX Sports Writer

Birmingham, Alabama — From the podium in the Media Conference Room at Protective Stadium, new jersey general Coach Mike Riley surprised the stats sheet with the quarterback. DeAndre Johnson receiving set carbon turpentine.

“Look at that.” he told them “Running, passing, good balance.”

Yes, Thanos would be proud of Riley and his team.

From the start, Riley and the staff knew that New Orleans Breakers defensive coordinator John Tetula had a coverage style that he liked to play primarily in men’s coverage and had a bit of leeway for that.

He decided to start Johnson as quarterback, and for the first time this season he did not favor the more pass-oriented Luis Perez in the second quarterback attack.

Johnson beat the Generals 27-17. This is the first win for a Northern Division team over a Southern Division opponent this season. He completed 14 of 21 pass attempts for 213 yards with a total of 255 yards.

When Perez didn’t snap play at the end of the game, Riley admitted he didn’t think he would when the game started.

“I didn’t intend to do it like today,” he said. “But early on I thought it was important not to sit in the back seat in the pocket to face their pass rusher. So we had to provide some movement on the edge before we could throw the ball in the pocket. , and that was it. .”

The Generals hit a total of 401 yards that Riley believed was his team’s best performance throughout the season.

“I think so.” Riley said. “I think when you look at it and judge opponents, New Orleans was impressive, hard to do in this league because all our matches were closed. And our players just prepared well, studied well and respected him and them. “

Johnson scored the game’s first touchdown on a designed run. His goal was set with two catches over 39 yards, including one caught from behind by North Dakota State graduate Darius Shepherd.

The general’s defense is impressive with two takeaways.

The general's defense is impressive with two takeaways.

The New Jersey Generals’ defense had two interceptions and forced a turnover on the down to the Breakers. Shalom Luani was responsible for both blocks.

Three of the USFL’s top six are generals and averaged close to 178 yards rushing in their first four games of the season. They showed their power in the second quarter with harsh runs of 17 and 28 yards that went into double-digit leads when Johnson hit his second touchdown punch in his fourth down play from the Breakers’ two-yard line.

The Generals threw eight balls in nine runs. By the end of the game nearly four hours after kickoff, the Generals rushed for 38 rushes and 181 yards.

Turpin Appears

Texas Christian’s former all-purpose generator, the Turpin, became Johnson’s preferred target against the aggressive Breakers front and became a favorite weapon of attack coordinator Steve Smith. He finished the game with five catches for 106 yards, two rushes for an additional 10 yards, and a punt return of 39 yards.

Turpin enjoys participating in all three stages.

“Since I started playing football, I’ve been doing everything I can to help the team,” he said.

No Rhythm for Slotters

Manager Larry Fedora has asked to play for the first time since 2020, with Breakers attacking coordinator Noel Mazzone absent from a game to attend her daughter’s wedding. He certainly would have wanted better results for his team and quarterbacks.

“I’m not going to make any excuses,” Fedora said. “It’s just that. You have to deal with that situation better.”

Breakers quarterback Kyle Sloter held 155 yards with 15 shots and 36 losses, including two TDs and two interceptions. He passed more than 400 in the Breakers win last Sunday and more than 1,000 in his previous four games. Six of his last seven passes to the general were incomplete.

The Breakers’ top rusher, Jordan Ellis, held only 42 yards in 12 rushes.

Kyle Sloter’s Journey from NFL to USFL

Kyle Sloter's Journey from NFL to USFL

Kyle Sloter has tried out for 26 different NFL teams and talks about what it looks like inside NFL camp. He took that knowledge to the USFL and the New Orleans Breakers.

The Breakers’ offense is best when moving at furious speed, but injury suspensions, weather delays, and a total of 15 penalties for both teams led to an offensive performance that more closely resembled a road car out of gear than a racing car. Been there for the past few weeks.

Sloter continued to struggle when a pass he threw was blocked and blocked by New Jersey safety Shalom Luani in the red zone. It was the Generals’ first takeaway since week one. For Sloter, interception was his fifth turnover in the Breakers’ last six quarters.

The Breakers started their first scoring drive in the minutes of the first half. Sloter looked for wide Jay Adams with triples and 15s in New Jersey 20 for a touchdown with 1:08 left, the TD Sloter desperately needed. Prior to that, Sloter had completed only 7 of 14 pass attempts for 47 yards through interceptions.

Within the 10-yard line, the Breakers strengthened their defense in the second quarter, but New Orleans luckily lost 17-10 at halftime.

Kyle Sloter seeks Jonathan Adams for a 20-yard TD.

Kyle Sloter seeks Jonathan Adams for a 20-yard TD.

New Orleans Breakers’ QB Kyle Sloter turns to TD’s WR Jonathan Adams to bring the team closer to the New Jersey Generals as USFL halftime approaches.

Johnson hit 8 of 11 passes and 2 rushing TDs for 115 yards in the first half.

After a pass interference penalty to Generals cornerback DeJuan Neal in early possession of the breakers’ second half, Sloter found ex-Ohio State receiver Johnnie Dixon from 10 yards to score 17-17 with 10 minutes and 13 seconds left alive. term.

As it started to rain, the Generals responded with a TD drive, with Darius “Vito” Victor and his 30″ thighs (yes, really) rolling into the end zone for the league’s best 5 rushing touchdown of the season.

Victor led the general to 85 yards in 16 dashes.

Lightning and Luani

Shortly thereafter, lightning struck the area for a total of 45 minutes and the game was interrupted.

In the second playback, a defensive tackle Destiny Vaeao rocked Sloter with a hit to the chest, and Sloter went down long enough to bring his athletic trainer to the field. He left the arena on his own.

The Generals lost three starters defensively with injuries on their next drive, but the Breakers haven’t established the kind of rhythm that allowed them to become the No. 1 offense in the league. Then Sloter re-throwed Luani’s afternoon second pick.

Luani has missed the previous two games with an injury and has announced a return with two takeaways. He added two defensive passes and six tackles to defensive coordinator Cris Dishman’s exciting return to backfield.

The Generals had another chance to TD again, but the Breakers’ defense beat Johnson with 7:41 minutes left and came up with a turnover from the 7 yard line. However, the Generals extended the lead again to 10 points, leading 27-17 with 4:15 left on a field goal from former Alabama kicker Austin Jones.

The Breakers brought the ball down to the next possession, and the Generals were given the privilege to run out of time with 3 minutes and 1 second remaining.

fake punt flash

In the first quarter, the Breakers’ fake punt broke up 43 yards as linebacker Jerod Fernandez snapped from his personal protector position and went straight through the center of the New Jersey punt return team, as Moses spread his hand out in midfield. .

New Orleans’ Jerrod Fernandez switches fake punts.

New Orleans' Jerrod Fernandez switches fake punts.

New Orleans Breakers try fake punt conversion with Jerod Fernandez 43 yard rush.

New Orleans kicker Taylor Bertolet slammed the ball from 42 yards through the upright, giving the Breakers a 3-0 lead. That was the last moment New Orleans held the lead.

Linebacker Fernandes ended the game with the Breakers’ leading rusher.

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