Georgia Guidestone’s Theory Explained About Time Capsules

Georgia Guidestones have been in the news since the old landmark was destroyed. Since then, rumors have been circulating online about the opening of the time capsule.

Known as ‘America’s Stonehenge’, the Georgia Guide Stone boasts over 40 years of history and has attracted visitors from all over the world to see it.

However, it was destroyed by an explosion there on 6 July. It is currently unknown who was responsible for that.

Georgia Guidestones explain the time capsule theory

The Georgia Guidestones had numerous inscriptions in many languages. It was difficult to understand until someone could read what was written in many ancient languages.

But the inscription contained the words, “Let these be the guides to the Age of Reason,” in Babylonian cuneiform, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Sanskrit, and Ancient Greek. However, after the historic building was destroyed, the hypothesis of the time capsule was buried.

According to FOX, there was a concrete slab on the floor with the words “It was installed 6 feet below this area…” and “To be opened next time” on the floor. Despite the hints in the article about when the time capsule was buried and when to open it, it was difficult to determine if the time capsule was buried.

Rumors circulating on social media as the landmark was demolished caused everyone to believe that a time capsule had been opened.

Georgia Guidestone

The story of opening the time capsule has not been proven.

The time capsule never opened because nothing was found underground.

Chris Kubas, senior vice president of the Elberton Granite Association, told WYFF4 that the site’s granite cover had a time capsule buried beneath it.

As a result, the team dug 6 feet before hitting the compacted red clay. Surprisingly, no time capsules were found.

Chris added that the time capsule was believed to have been buried there in 1982. This was two years after the guidestone was erected as indicated by the marker.

Georgia GuidestoneGeorgia Guidestone

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