Ghost Adventures Zak Bagans investigates the Los Feliz murder house.

The Ghost Adventures team seems to have kicked off the Halloween season. You may also have photographed ghosts appearing and disappearing on camera.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Zak Bagans may have recorded a haunted chair at the Los Feliz murder house.

Ghost Adventures star Zak Bagans teamed up with ET’s Kevin Frazier to investigate the Los Feliz Murder House. The episode will be released as a two-part Ghost Adventures episode as the duo enters a property in Los Angeles that is believed to be cursed.

What’s more, they used advanced equipment to investigate the rather enchanting mansion.

Nevertheless, Bagans claims that they may have photographed a ghost chair when they were experimenting with it.

In the exclusive video, he said, ‘A chair was placed on another floor of the house, and using this chair, it was a summoning experiment that connected everyone’s energies into one’.

Bagans goes further, thinking, ‘It’s almost as if Dr. Perelson, the one we asked for, literally hoisted his chair up to participate in our experiment.’

Meanwhile, they were using the LiDAR method, with ghosts appearing and disappearing before their eyes.

This method consists of a laser scanning an object or surface, reportedly measuring the time it takes for reflected light to reflect. A simple word like a 3D laser scanning machine.

In the video, we can see the chair appear and disappear briefly on the laser scan.

Bagan also noted that the equipment is ‘in millimeters in accuracy’ while actually scanning the object.

He said, ‘This is one of the most surprising scientific pieces of evidence we’ve captured in the history of ‘Ghost Adventures’, and it’s made even more powerful because it was captured by an accredited third-party LiDAR scanning company.’

Why is Los Feliz Murder House cursed?

Zak Bagans featured an exclusive clip ‘Back in 1838, Domingo Feliz. He owned a ranch in Los Feliz and was killed by his wife’s lover, who and her lover were executed.’

He went on to say, ‘Then the offspring of a man whose name is Don [Antonio] Feliz eventually died and tried to give all of his money to his nephew, Petranilla, but a lawyer and others defrauded him so he could change his will on his deathbed.’

The hunter said, ‘Petranilla has cursed this land. very well known When Petranilla cursed this land, she cursed the entire Griffith Park. The curse spread all over the land, all over the land.’


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