Girl Crush, netizens criticize ‘minor’ lineup

Korean dance group Girl Crush is receiving backlash from netizens by including a minor girl in their lineup.

In particular, Girl Crush has been attracting attention as a sexual concept since its formation in 2019. Girl Crush’s humorous and mature dance style was praised for strengthening women’s capabilities.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Girl Crush, ‘includes minors’ controversy…

Currently, the girl group consists of three members: Taeri, Jia, and Bomi. They lost a member a few weeks ago and fans wondered if a new member would be added to the group.

The group’s Instagram account hinted that Hayun would become the new member of the group. They outlined the post with the caption ‘soon’.

Hayun, born in 2005, is a former member of BABA & BLAZE. She is still only 17.

Twitter account user @Nugupromotor expressed outrage in a tweet about including young Hayun in Girlcrush.

A user mentioned in a message that Hayun had previously performed with Girlcrush when she was 14 in 2019.

User’s reaction to the new minor member of Girl Crush

Netizens couldn’t help but criticize the girl group that Girl Crush was underage.

Most netizens responded that K-pop idols debut at a young age, but it is inappropriate for minors to join a group famous for their thoughtful attire and performance.

In response to the strong opposition from netizens, the agency had no choice but to explain the controversy.

HW Entertainment issued a statement.

Girl Crush’s agency, HW Entertainment, made a somewhat ambiguous position on the allegations. It has been confirmed that Hayun is not in the lineup yet.

The agency also described Hayun as a ‘training girl’ and denied that she was an official member of the group.

He also emphasized that he would wait until he reached legal age before joining the dance girl group.

However, it got the opposite reaction from netizens. Rather than being calm, the announcement deepened the concerns of users.

Netizens criticized HW Entertainment for grooming minors and waiting for them to reach legal age.

Shortly after the statement was shared, the group’s official Instagram and Twitter accounts went private, preventing further communication.



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